need a snack

my favorite snack lately are tortilla chips. when i get home: i set down my things, kiss my husband and get out the chips.
period. see how happy we are together?

what's your favorite snack?!


Saskia said...

You will wish you hadn't asked this question!!

When I get home from work I love
~tortilla chips & dip
~normal chips
~glass of vino
~frothy cappucino
~some strong chedder cut into little cubes
~a cup of tea and a biscuit

YUM. Now I want to be at home even more than before!

Saskia x

our little love nest said...

YUM! My favourite snack is popcorn or dark chocolate or both together. Don thinks I am disgusting but I have been known to occasionally dip popcorn into melted dark chocolate. It is actually really good. xo

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

My favorite snack of all time (that I don't get much) is avocados: guacamole, chunked in salad, filled with salsa and then scooped out with chips. Ahh wonderful.

I love chocolate in all forms.

A glass of wine, a good beer...

Rose Red said...

I love the Trader Joes Blue Tortilla chips. I also love chocolate, all kinds except dark.

Olivia Rae said...

yum i love tortilla chips! recently at costco i found brown rice sea salt chips, and they are AMAZING!! you have to try them.

Farah said...

Yummmm...chips....its making me so hungry now!!

Red Boots said...

It's a bit odd, but I would have to say olives! I also have a soft spot for chocolate covered raisins. But never at the same time! x


Does Cheese count as snack?!

cause I love it! :D

Tina Tarnoff said...

your husband is very understanding! I have to hide chips from mine :)!

my favorite snach, gosh, there's s omany, but lately I've become obsessed with dorito's nacho tortilla chips. not very exciting, but they taste sooo good! xoxo

Jocelyn said...

I love my husbands homemade salsa and gaucamole...I could eat it all in one evening:-)

Cassandra said...

I am all about tortilla chips and fresh salsa. I'd eat it every meal if I was allowed.

Have you ever tried wild harvest brand organic blue spicy tortilla chips? they are the best. i promise.