rock creek earrings

i finally made it to rock creek park today. my friend dina and i got together to be crafty and make earrings--- a secret love of mine :)i made these with old stained glass from when i used to build stained glass windows in college. those were the days.

what do you think?
rock creek is gorgeous... so nice and greeeeeen.
the earring ladies
oh and these i made with danish kroner (denmark's currency). the coins come with holes in the middle. how perfect!

any dormant hobbies you've picked up again recently?


*Lesli* said...

i'm a fan of making bracelettes with wire and old buttons. classic. i'll try to post a pic sometime soon. Cute earings!!

Jocelyn said...

love them...i have been wanting to try making some jewelry too:-)

Rose Red said...

You used to make stained glass windows? That's freakin awesome! How does one learn how? Cute earrings. Maybe an etsy shop is in your future.

CC said...

Super-cute! :)


Sarah said...

these are great! i love the red ones. and the ones with the kroner. and the blue ones. LOL.

thanks for the pictures of Rock Creek park too, I've always wondered what it was like.

our little love nest said...

Fun! I finally did some more art work this weekend! xoxo

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh my! Those are so pretty! :D I love how creative you are, I've never tried doing thigns like that, maybe should one day, and sell it, and get rich, lol =d

Sarah said...

Psst - Emily, I just want to let you know that I'm gonna shut down Dayspring (so you can take it off your bloglist). Thank you so much for your support over the past few months, I really appreciate it.