saint george in polaroids

hubs & i sat and giggled sunday night about how i grew up in st george. it's a great place. really. but just a little funny. i love its little quirks.the black hill--- you can see the "D" if you look really close. st george is nicknamed "utah's dixie." cute :)
the st george tabernacle. a nice meeting place for us mormons :)
here are all the cuties again. yesss i love them.
my heart flutters for the red rocks [snow canyon].
and the blue blue sky
this lovely white building in the st george lds temple. it's the oldest operating temple of the lds church. don't you love how white it is?!

i love my little st george. aren't small towns just wonderful?!


Rose Red said...

I looks so beautiful!

I had a friend that went to college there, and she was always telling me crazy stories. I've always thought of it as a party place.

So you know what it's like to live in 100+ heat.

Little Miss Tiara said...

it's so beautiful! looks classic and serene! :D and I still love those little girls! Aha aha ;D

Red Boots said...

It looks so lovely. What a great place it must have been to go up in.

Small towns are always quirky. The town where my parents live is a whole other world of off the scale quirkiness.


our little love nest said...

It looks beautiful in those photos. I love little towns here in the U.S. almost as much as the ones in Canada. So full of personality and wonderful people. (I miss the red rocks of Montana where I used to go to christian summer camps when I was a little kid)xoxo

Saskia said...

Lovely polaroids! I love the look of Snow Canyon - beautiful.

The landscape is just so different to where I live! I'd love to explore more of the US.

Saskia x

Small towns rock! Love their quirkiness...


beautiful Polaroids! specially that cuties! oh my, they are so sweet!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love St. George!! These polaroids are terrific Emily. I love the little cuties!