so we went to the dairy godmother

remember when sweet olivia posted my list of loves on her blog?

and one of my loves was:
"our favorite little custard shop was closed last night because their 'dairy truck was lost in the midwest' "so we went back to the dairy godmother and took our sweet friends.

we all got the flavor of the day, which wasn't a mistake. banana pudding.
that's happy-ness right there. isn't he cuuute :)

so now i feel all better. sugar always does it for me. what's your little comfort?



The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Banana pudding custard sounds so good right now!
My comfort is whatever brings me home.

our little love nest said...

YUMMY looking cone and what an adorable sign! My comforts are based on things that remind me of family and Canada....things like fuzzy blankets, Indian food (especially Naan bread and butter chicken), movies that my sister and I would watch together, my dad saying 'we'll see' (something he says a lot) and Swedish style ginger snaps....Yay for all the yummy things. xoxo

Olivia Rae said...

yummy that looks delicious!!! ice cream, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, and gelato are my absolute weaknesses. can't resist them.

Saskia said...

My weaknesses are

♥creme brulee....


♥really good coffee


That ice cream looks delicious!

Saskia x

Julia said...

WHat a cute little ice cream shop!

Rose Red said...

Banana ice cream is my favorite! Is custard different from ice cream?

I was in my favorite antique store when I found that postcard, right away I thought of you two. I love vintage postcards, they are so magical. I also love to read what people wrote :)

Red Boots said...

Sugar all the way! Cookies, creme brulee, ice-cream, brownies, you name it!

I love the the thought of a little custard truck, driving around and around in the mid-west, completely lost. It sounds like a children's story! x