you know, paul. from the beatles.

my lovely little company was offered free tickets to none other than paul mccartney last night. ooooo paul was my beatles crush. he's an old fogie now (sorry parents) but man can he ROCK!a cute tribute to george harrison. i loved the little slideshow of the beatles' old photos. don't you just love this one?
paul has a lot of solo stuff... and i realize he still does the rock thing at this age because he really loves it. and of course he appeased big time and played a lot of beatles' songs. "hey jude..."

i also loved that he played "michelle" and said, "that was for the president and his lady."
lovely noelle, lovely dina & us. ben was a really good sport about being surrounded by 3 beauties all evening :)

"thank you, washing-tone."

more weekend updates to come.


Little Miss Tiara said...

:0 Paul McCartney! He's amazing! I don't live in the beatles era, but yeah, they're so famous I can't resist it (and my mom oh mom sings their songs often... :|)

that looks like a lot of fun, I envy you! D:

Rose Red said...

I am so jealous!

Paul was definitely the hot beatle.

Sarah said...

Ohhhhhhh how fun! These pictures are terrific. Good for you! I'll bet Ben was in heaven being with you three beauties at a McCartney concert!

Happy Monday Emily!

our little love nest said...

Lucky girl. Paul is so great but I have to say George was my favourite. That would be so much fun. You look gorgeous. xo