constant daydreams

remember how i tend to daydream? i'm always thinking of things i'd rather be doing...

like right now, i'd much rather be at home, cuddling with my lover than sitting at work, on my lunch break, studying and eating and blogging, all at the same time.
maybe it's the crisp fall weather, but i just need a little refresher.

i'm daydreaming about the weekend, about family, about friends, about a possible trip we are taking next weekend.
i'm daydreaming (or rather, remembering) 5 years ago today when my oldest niece was born. time flies.
i'm daydreaming about good comfort food and about desserts.
i'm daydreaming about italy and the peace that i feel when i'm there.
i'm daydreaming about the holidays and the relaxation of being home with family and loved ones.

what are you daydreaming about?
send me your list of daydreams [with a photo, preferably to emily.dc67@gmail.com] and i will post it!




color keeps me sane

these rainbow highlighters and rainbow flags keep me feeling cheery & sane after hours of reading, highlighting and flagging.

what keeps you sane?


founding farmers, four years.

on september 23, 2005:

ben took me on our very first date. we ate at the pie in salt lake city, utah & played in the city.
now, four years later, we ate at founding farmers in washington, dc & played in the city.

founding farmers has food from all local farms (virginia, maryland, pennsylvania). it's all yummy and ff really loves the earth. so i love them. cutest coat racks.
jars full of yummy organic food.
although i'm four years older than when we went on our first date, i look 12 here.
popcorn of the day (with cayenne pepper and something sweet?) and flatbread with brie, caramelized onions and sliced apples. mmmmmmmmmmm
fisherman's stew, big enough for two.
the biggest ice cream sundae of your life!!! don't worry, we shared.
ummm i love ice cream.
when we celebrate big things like four-years-since-our-first date, it usually involves food.

how do you celebrate?


missing you...

i'm sooo missing my long hair today.


i guess all 10 inches went to a good cause. but still.

i'm also missing the provo canyon fall leaves. buuuut things here are still pretty decent ;)
how are things for you?


harpers ferry, west virginia

over the weekend we ventured to harpers ferry, wv. it's a gorgeous little historical town and i loved it. it's on the appalachian trail which is a trail that runs from maine to georgia. some people actually hike the entire way. it's a new goal of mine [sort of].
harpers ferry is positioned right where maryland, virginia and west virginia all meet. ohh isn't it beautiful?!
we "hiked" the trail...
sometimes it's just nice to get away from the city and see the country... and just forget about life for an afternoon.
thanks for that, harpers ferry.


happy HALF birthday to me

but really. i just wanted to show off this pie dish i've been lusting after for about a year. we got it 50% off. thank you leesburg premium outlets.


the longer i'm married to him

the more i love him


my story of pomegranates

pomegranates are wonderful. i think they are also underrated.

remember how i LOVE trader joe's? well i got these babies at t.j's last week. and i decided to make up some sort of desserty goodness with them.
pomegranates also remind me of my mother.

i need more good things to remind me of my mother.
they are so labor intensive. but it makes them who they are.
i think my whipped cream, raspberries and pomegranates was a great success. we had friends over that had never had pomegranates. have you ever?

the jewels (as my mother calls them) isn't it a beautiful and unique fruit?

oh. happy weekend.


dear blog,

sorry i've been neglecting you.

i'm trying to get into the swing of life with full time work, full time grad school, part time friends and full time husband.

i'm really sorry. i miss you.

i'll check in as often as i can!




september 11 ... better late than never

we visited the congressional cemetery on september 12... not really thinking we'd run into a memorial grove dedicated for september 11, 2001.there was this amazing totem pole in the middle of the cemetery. i thought it was beautiful...
memorial grove.
ironically, i had to call the embassy of afghanistan for my boss on september 11th. the embassy was closed for the holiday. i thought that was pretty interesting.

i hope you all had a good weekend.
happy almost monday.



last night my body & mind were exhausted

so ben took me to get shakes.

p.s. i'm still working on the camera-phone-self-portrait-thing ;)


aquatic garden serenity

remember when i gave you a little taste of this lovely place?
we went back [well, ben's first time]
i decided it's the perfect little sanctuary--- and who would guess it's in the middle of the city!?
quite obsessed with these fantastic lily pads!!
the beautiful boardwalk
this little baby we brought home because it was detached.
ohhh it was a lovely place...

isn't it dreamy?!!


labor day at a museum

unfortunately, i've recently become borrrrring (wink) and so ben and i didn't really go too far for labor day. it's probably best we couldn't make it to my cabin because i wouldn't have been able to enjoy it at its fullest.

sooo... we journeyed to chantilly, virginia--- the home of the special National Air & Space Museum [yes, Smithsonian].
it's full of historic airplanes, which i find to be very fascinating... partially because...
my dad is a pilot. and he has a plane that is quite similar to this one. a cute lil' cessna.
this "blackbird" was featured in the new transformers movie (hehehe). it's really awesome and really fast.
ben usually reads all the info and then i ask him what it says. i'm more of a visual person when it comes to museums :)
this is a space shuttle, the enterprise. so neat

what did you do for the U.S. labor day holiday?


love letter to t. joe's

dearest trader joe's,

thank you so much for selling heirloom tomatoes so we could buy some today. we were able to make our favorite summer salad... since today is the last day of summer [according to me].
thank you for how yummy they were.
thanks also for selling yummy mozzarella and basil plants.
happy labor day and see you again soon.

your very loyal customer,



ode to my cabin

most labor day weekends my family ends up at our cabin in idaho.
but not this labor day...

i've been feeling a little sad about it and i even dreamt about it last night--- so now i get to bambard you with photos of my cabin. here is my little ode...cascade lake...
boat rides
the back of the lovely cabin
sunshine on the sparkling water
my dad's bliss: driving the boat
strolls down day star lane
a few years back there were forest fires across the lake... it made for gorgeous photos
why do we leave this place?
one of my absolute favorites

hope you're having a wonderful weekend...