labor day at a museum

unfortunately, i've recently become borrrrring (wink) and so ben and i didn't really go too far for labor day. it's probably best we couldn't make it to my cabin because i wouldn't have been able to enjoy it at its fullest.

sooo... we journeyed to chantilly, virginia--- the home of the special National Air & Space Museum [yes, Smithsonian].
it's full of historic airplanes, which i find to be very fascinating... partially because...
my dad is a pilot. and he has a plane that is quite similar to this one. a cute lil' cessna.
this "blackbird" was featured in the new transformers movie (hehehe). it's really awesome and really fast.
ben usually reads all the info and then i ask him what it says. i'm more of a visual person when it comes to museums :)
this is a space shuttle, the enterprise. so neat

what did you do for the U.S. labor day holiday?


Rose Red said...

I could spend all of my weekends at museums and never get bored. I like Bens beard.

becks said...

ohh.. did you get a ride in your dad's plane? With those goggles and all? That will be tooo cool!