love letter to t. joe's

dearest trader joe's,

thank you so much for selling heirloom tomatoes so we could buy some today. we were able to make our favorite summer salad... since today is the last day of summer [according to me].
thank you for how yummy they were.
thanks also for selling yummy mozzarella and basil plants.
happy labor day and see you again soon.

your very loyal customer,



*Lesli* said...

so mad that des moines doesn't have a trader joes :( or ikea. or whole food. or wild oats. Gosh, why do i live here? Hope you had a good Labor Day Emily!!! I love hearing from you :)

our little love nest said...

heheh...yum! My best friend's husband works for them and I have to agree that they are wonderful! xoxo

Rose Red said...

Aren't heirloom tomatoes the best! I love trader joes rice mixes and pasta sauces and pretty much everything else!

Crystal Ball said...

I wish wish wish that there was a Trader Joe's closer to my hometown. The salad looks so appetizing. My mouth is watering as I type this, haha.