my story of pomegranates

pomegranates are wonderful. i think they are also underrated.

remember how i LOVE trader joe's? well i got these babies at t.j's last week. and i decided to make up some sort of desserty goodness with them.
pomegranates also remind me of my mother.

i need more good things to remind me of my mother.
they are so labor intensive. but it makes them who they are.
i think my whipped cream, raspberries and pomegranates was a great success. we had friends over that had never had pomegranates. have you ever?

the jewels (as my mother calls them) isn't it a beautiful and unique fruit?

oh. happy weekend.


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Ooo lovely! And I love the little blog refresh, very sweet!

kELLO! said...

hellooo blog make over! ;)
roed loves pomegranates. loves 'em.

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh! Pome! I've always wanted to taste one but it's not really available here in Indonesia, it sure does look good.

Rose Red said...

They are great. I have never tried them with whipped cream.

Jocelyn said...

that looks so good:-)

Lemon said...

the first time i had pomegranates i was in awe: flavorful bursting beads. so delish. we just ate them out of the bowl. your dessert looks fab!!

Crystal Ball said...

Aw, the joyousness of pomegranates. They honestly look like jewelry beads. I love them!

Courtney said...

I love pomegranates, but I don't know how to pick them. Do tell!!!

Julia said...

Pomegranates always remind me of my mother too. So delicious!