the obligatory back to school post

september 1st ... my first day of school ... big kids style.

i do admit, visiting campus as a graduate student makes me feel a little old. but it's cool. i still went back-to-school-shopping at target and got folders and notebooks. [recycled only]
and i'm ready to learn and to read my 19 textbooks.

wish me luck!! (please)


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Wow that looks like fun. Target, grad school and all those books... ahh I miss school.

Good luck friend!

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh wow wow wow.
look at those books! Ahaha, I love your serious face! And I know how it is about feeling old, even I, the ungraduate one still feel old when the new semester starts, lol

our little love nest said...

Wow...a whack of books. Super envious of the Mac! Best wishes! xo

Rose Red said...

We have the same taste in school supplies!

Seriously, after reading your letter, I think we were separated at birth ;)

Red Boots said...

Ooh, good luck with school! Grad school is tough but so very worthwhile! I learned heaps, in and out of class. x

Aya Smith said...

19 textbooks! That is quite ambitious! I wish you luck, I know you'll do well though :D

*Lesli* said...

pretty sure i'm going back to school for my masters....but not quite yet. good luck lady!!! love the pics. and love target!

Shanna Suburbia said...

Neat notebooks! I didn't know Target carried recycled folders and notebooks - just an extra point for them in my book (which is already overflowing with Target points).

Here's to a great school year for you! =)

Cassandra said...

oooh, don't you love new textbooks?

(the getting them, not the price ;)