happy... halloween!!



he makes me laugh even when i don't want to

on wednesday nights i am usually so tired from having three nights of class in a row and work and blah. i get home around 9:30... so i am usually not in the best mood and i'm hungry-grumpy.

but last night as ben was putting his coats away in our tiny closet that we stuff everything in...
he decided to see if he could fit in the closet too :)

and he fit!!

he always can make me smile even when i want to resist ...
thanks, ben.


dupont drag & friends

last night was the annual dupont high heel drag race. yes, you guess it: lots of men dressed up as women. it's a great dc pastime.
for ben and i, it was mostly just to be with friends, get our favorite frozen yogurt, sip on tea and talk about whatever came to mind.

it was rainy... but good rain. i love rain. did you know it rains as much in washington dc annually as it does in seattle?


hope you're having a good rainy or sunny (or snowy?) day.



little weekend highlights

1/ leaves in our neighborhood finally decided to change
2/ the mango sticky rice i made on friday night
3/ emergency trader joe's picnic on saturday (we had a baguette and brie with prosciutto and apple) once we realized we were starving at 4pm and had no lunch!
4/ falling in love with the new kids we teach at church on sunday.
5/ falling in love with each other [again. for the 6,283,324,531st time]

what are your weekend highlights??


out for a stroll...

out studying for the weekend... i'm only taking cuddle breaks! :)

have a very lovely weekend. sending our love from the district!


we really like to celebrate.

tuesday was my one year anniversary at my job.
crazy. i have never worked full time at one place for that long!

hmm. i think i prefer being a student and working part time. buuut i am very grateful for my job.
ben took me to lunch to celebrate. we went all out. mmmm brownie sundae :)we had to take a break on our way back to my office. it's about 1 1/2 blocks from the restaurant to my office. hehe. we were so full.

i love to celebrate. mostly because it means i get to be with ben.


snap & matchbox

in the last couple weeks, i've been to two great restaurants here in dc--- with two different lovely friends of mine. this is snap in georgetown. a cute little crêperie with the best boba smoothies in dc!!
i do love anything bright green [the entrance of snap]. i wore my pink scarf for about a week and a half for breast cancer awareness month {october}.
i also went to matchbox for the second time. pizza with arugula is so delicious!

try any good restaurants lately?



happy autumn & happy friday (end of vermont)

i just wanted to share these amazing colors with all you lovelies...

happy colors & happy weekend.


touring monuments and ice cream: part 3 vermont

we visited the birthplace of joseph smith [near sharon, vermont], the first latter-day prophet of our church.
the joy of being so cute
i loved annie in her red coat with the red bush
annie & ben (best friends) and emily & jane (in the cutest patagonia onesie fleece)

then we hit up the ben & jerry's tour in waterbury, vermont.
you get to sample the flavor of the day... and that day it was the best cookies and creme you've ever had.
annie in her sugar daaaze
and we all [almost] fit in a pint of euphoric stuff :)

we loved vermont: in polaroids

ben & jerry's factory tour (more to come)
what a nice quartet
corn at the farmers' market
cuties pose with the tractor
happy couple
fall colors
covered bridge with light
longest covered bridge in vermont
longest bridge again


we're back and we loved vermont: part 1

over the weekend, we took the fabulous amtrak train to vermont to visit my sister and husband and lucky for us, my other sister and three kids were also in attendance.
we loved everything about our weekend (and this is only part 1 of photos :))

vermont is just so picturesque.
it's so fun to find your name on a license plate!
the best farmers' market... ever.
our little niece, having a lovely time :)
shayna and ben, doing a little dance.

more to come. like leaves and covered bridges :) ... ...and ben&jerry's!!


on vermont avenue

there is a new farmers' market near the white house... on vermont avenue.
i went after work to find a little house warming gift for my sister and her husband.

they just moved to vermont. and i got them something on vermont ave!!
i love the gorgeous produce at farmers' markets
i got them (my sister and hubs) a little pumpkin.
'tis the season.

p.s. we're on our way to vermont for the weekend.

have an amazing weekend, please!!!


he's nice. even with a handlebar mustache.

last night, we met for dinner on campus...
and ben showed up with a handlebar mustache. he's been shaving his beard one day at a time this week.what a cutie.
gw [my school] has chick-fil-a and wendy's! can you believe it?? wendy's saw me through high school and undergrad... so i assume it will see me through grad school ;)

gotta love stuff like this.


.the weekend made me happy.

we lounged
we enjoyed the sunshine and read in the park
we listened to the leaders of our church
we had friends over and had delicious pie
we did some tie dye

oh it was perfect. how was your weekend?
even though my arm shadow is in this photo, i still love it.



we woke up to a lovely fall morning... this is the view from our bedroom.
we visited the temple
and for a little while, we had some peace.
happy october.