dupont drag & friends

last night was the annual dupont high heel drag race. yes, you guess it: lots of men dressed up as women. it's a great dc pastime.
for ben and i, it was mostly just to be with friends, get our favorite frozen yogurt, sip on tea and talk about whatever came to mind.

it was rainy... but good rain. i love rain. did you know it rains as much in washington dc annually as it does in seattle?


hope you're having a good rainy or sunny (or snowy?) day.



Rose Red said...

That sounds awesome! Did anyone get hurt?

Paulina said...

wow, I so didn't know about dc rain being compared to seattle. But, now, come to think of it, DC does get a lot of rain!

Melissa said...

I visited DC this year, and we ate at this charming little brunch place in dupont circle that I can't get outta my head. They had the best homefries ever. This race sounds like so much fun to watch. Love your blog =) hope you're having a great day!

Courtney said...

note to self: add dupont high heel drag race to 'list of things to do'

sounds like it could quite possible be some of the best people watching around!

our little love nest said...

oooh...i miss the rain of the Northwest...maybe we will have to take a trip out to dc so that i can have my fill

Red Boots said...

A high heel drag race - that sounds fantastic! This summer we got to see a naked bike ride, which was quite fun!

I love rain too, but I think you have to when you live in a wet place! My mum always says that there's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothes!