little weekend highlights

1/ leaves in our neighborhood finally decided to change
2/ the mango sticky rice i made on friday night
3/ emergency trader joe's picnic on saturday (we had a baguette and brie with prosciutto and apple) once we realized we were starving at 4pm and had no lunch!
4/ falling in love with the new kids we teach at church on sunday.
5/ falling in love with each other [again. for the 6,283,324,531st time]

what are your weekend highlights??


missy. said...

i went to a wedding and teared up for the first time in a ceremony. it was beautiful.

love the leaves changing colors. so beautiful.

our little love nest said...

The emergency picnic sounds so yummy!!
I loved turning our deck into a blanket covered fort with Bella and Don and then snuggling up in it under a huge quilt in the evening with the glow of candles.

Rose Red said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You guys are so cute!

kELLO! said...

1. little drive by photo shoot with james
2. dinner with lots of friends.
3. football :)

Shanna Suburbia said...

The mango sticky rice looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Jocelyn said...

1. baking
2. church/baptism
3. cousins and dinner
4. costume parade at church

Courtney said...

baking a batch of cupcakes in my oven and NOT burning them!!!

7upkels said...

my weekend highlight? realizing that i am so blessed with so many friends. honestly.

i love that picture and i love that you are in love. for the 3059834094583409 time :)

Little Miss Tiara said...

hahaha... my weekend? Was bad, but I won't let it continues :D so now I;m heading towards a far better week :D

and yay for falling in love again for the... uhmm... nth time, lol :D hahahaha

I missed you! *hugs*

Shokoofeh said...

Dear I am going to answer your email.


Farah said...

aww...I love number 5! sweetness!

Nicole Marie said...

i miss all the changing leaves!

Paulina said...

oh I love mango sticky rice!!!!! There is a place in old town alexandria that serves the best mango sticky rice. The place is called Mai Thai on king street right next to the water. Amazing! Although, yours looks like it is going to give that restaurant a run for its money!