on vermont avenue

there is a new farmers' market near the white house... on vermont avenue.
i went after work to find a little house warming gift for my sister and her husband.

they just moved to vermont. and i got them something on vermont ave!!
i love the gorgeous produce at farmers' markets
i got them (my sister and hubs) a little pumpkin.
'tis the season.

p.s. we're on our way to vermont for the weekend.

have an amazing weekend, please!!!


Paulina said...

have a great time in vermont (one of my most favorite states!!!!)

ps: this pictures are great! aren't farmers market's the best?

Rose Red said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I love farmers markets.

I have always wanted to go to Vermont. I can't wait to see the pictures.

We are heading to the Bay this weekend to celebrate mine and my moms birthday :)

Rose Red said...

I just read that Ben plans on going to Law school. Jared is an attorney! You guys really are our perfect couple match!

our little love nest said...

So pretty!! I love your little pumpkin! Have an amazing weekend too! xoxo

*Lesli* said...

Farmer's Markets are one of my favorite things! Cute picture with you and the pumpkin. What a great housewarming gift! I miss the east coast....

becks said...

Everytime some one mentions vermont, i think of ben and jerry's!:)

Gustogirl said...

Farmers markets are fun. There is a local one and we haven't been nearly enough. Have fun in Vermont and saw hi to your sis for me.