touring monuments and ice cream: part 3 vermont

we visited the birthplace of joseph smith [near sharon, vermont], the first latter-day prophet of our church.
the joy of being so cute
i loved annie in her red coat with the red bush
annie & ben (best friends) and emily & jane (in the cutest patagonia onesie fleece)

then we hit up the ben & jerry's tour in waterbury, vermont.
you get to sample the flavor of the day... and that day it was the best cookies and creme you've ever had.
annie in her sugar daaaze
and we all [almost] fit in a pint of euphoric stuff :)


Courtney said...

I kind of want a fleece onesie!...so cozy!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Ben and Jerry's is my favorite, we have their cookbook. I'm sure in person everything tastes better.

What a great trip!

Rose Red said...

Are those iphone pics? Love all your pictures, your family is so cute!

our little love nest said...

so cute and yum to Ben and Jerry's!! xoxo

Leah said...

The Ben&Jerry tour is something to look forward to. I love their ice cream flavors.

Paulina said...

looks like so much fun!!!! yummmm ben and jerry's!!!! I have a pint of cherry garcia in the fridge and this makes me want to devour it!!

*Lesli* said...

beautiful pictures and those kids are darling!!! i heart ben and jerry's. no ben and jerry's here in iowa...just at the grocery store...but no actual B & J stores. sad day. i heart cookiedough.

Shanna Suburbia said...

Those red coats are adorable!! I kinda wish real Ben & Jerry's came in that size... =P

Phish Food is my favorite.