we really like to celebrate.

tuesday was my one year anniversary at my job.
crazy. i have never worked full time at one place for that long!

hmm. i think i prefer being a student and working part time. buuut i am very grateful for my job.
ben took me to lunch to celebrate. we went all out. mmmm brownie sundae :)we had to take a break on our way back to my office. it's about 1 1/2 blocks from the restaurant to my office. hehe. we were so full.

i love to celebrate. mostly because it means i get to be with ben.


Farah said...

omg that brownie sundae looks absolutely divine! *drools*

our little love nest said...

Yum to that brownie but I think that love in marriage is sweeter than all of the treats in the world too!xoxo

missy. said...

congrats on two years! i am close to my two year as well.. crazy crazy.

Rose Red said...

Congrats on your one year! It's been about a year since I haven't had a full time job. I think that calls for a brownie sundae for me (I guess I could share with Jared)!

Paulina said...

congrats!!!!! The ice cream brownie sunday looks like a great way to celebrate!!!

PS: So in a total non-stalker way, I now have bubble tea cravings from your post about the georgetown restaurants.


Adele said...

congrats on your first year in! (: lunch dates are soo sweet (: and talking about sweeet....THAT BROWNIE SUNDAE. I want it.no, I need it! enjoy this coming weekend, love! xx

Receli said...

I love to look for excuses to celebrate too! We got ice cream after skyler's first test this semester, first paper this semester, and the list goes on and on.... So fun! One year is a lot... it is TOTALLY worth celebrating!

Courtney said...

sign me up for a brownie sunday!!! we just ate dinner and I'm trying to talk Stone into running and picking up dessert...so far, no such luck.

Congrats on one year!!!!

Saskia said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I'm in my 3rd year in my current job and I. Need. A. Change!!

Have a great weekend.


Crystal Ball said...

Ooh that brownie just looks delicious.
Have a wonderful weekend!