we're back and we loved vermont: part 1

over the weekend, we took the fabulous amtrak train to vermont to visit my sister and husband and lucky for us, my other sister and three kids were also in attendance.
we loved everything about our weekend (and this is only part 1 of photos :))

vermont is just so picturesque.
it's so fun to find your name on a license plate!
the best farmers' market... ever.
our little niece, having a lovely time :)
shayna and ben, doing a little dance.

more to come. like leaves and covered bridges :) ... ...and ben&jerry's!!


Ben said...

Love it! Ver. Mon t. I love dancing in new England my ancestral home

Shokoofeh said...

Wow girl, these pictures are awesome! and your sister's kids are really cute! :)
oh and there is something special about picture #3. the colors!


Courtney said...

I can never think of Vermont without thinking of an old movie with Diane Keaton in it...Country Baby....LOVES IT!

Glad you had a great time!

PS: is everything in Vermont classy like I have always thought it would be?

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

AWESOME photos, seriously. Looks like you had a beautiful weekend, can I just transport myself to that farmer's market. Lovely.

Rose Red said...

It looks magical! I want to go there so badly!

our little love nest said...

okay...so now I am wanting to move to Vermont! How gorgeous!! xoxo

Katie said...

Very nice pics. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Miss you.