'tis the season

'tis the season for sparkling lights and late nights
for christmas trees and test fees
for smiles and miles of homework
for love and gloves
for food and happy moods
and for family and warm hearts and have a happy monday!!!



happy happy happy happy happy thanksgiving tomorrow! and guess what--- even if you don't live in the united states or celebrate thanksgiving, it's still a good excuse to be thankful!

my top five to be thankful for today:
1/ ben
2/ a functioning brain
3/ the GORGEOUS mountains in utah
4/ family & food all mixed together
5/ cameras

if you need a fabulous recipe for mashed potatoes, go here.
if you need a fabulous recipe for a yummy apple pie, go here.

give thanks.


and this is what we look like when we really do snowboard

it was so nice to snowboard. when we first got there i forgot how to snowboard, just for a minute :)
but the weather was nice, the lines were short, the company was perfect and the leisure pace was just right.

we got to see friends & family in the evening--- it's just been really good so far. and now i'm going to bed because i am so exhausted from waking up at 3am mountain time.


ohhh i simply cannot wait

this will be ben and i tomorrow. in utah.


i "painted" this picture on my iphone with this application. i'm obviously still a novis :)

do you like snow? or the mountains? both?
i looong for the utah mountains. they are dear to my heart.


tiny projects.

i finally finished our picture wall on wednesday. now i can just build it as we process more photos. it seems like a silly project, but it's just one of those things i've been putting off.

i also hope to go shooting this weekend. i got some b&w and color 35mm film for our slr... and i'm excited (but nervous) to use it. i forget how exciting film can be.

other than that i've been sewing and cleaning and i even have a little shelf that i hope to transform this weekend.

what you been working on?

happy friday. enjoy your weekend!!

photo taken with the quadcamera application on my iphone.


the national mall, in fall

ben got this fantastic shot of the national mall when he took off yesterday.
i've annotated it, so you can see all the important things in the photo :)


me & mr tamborine man

tonight it's just me & bob dylan's greatest hits on vinyl.

ben left for utah this afternoon. i will join him in a week but oooh how i miss him--- already. i'm working on some projects + homework while he is away. hopefully projects & homework turn out well.

photo taken at madame tussauds this weekend. unfortunately, this isn't the real bob.


it seemed like the perfect weekend.

how was yours?for some reason i felt like the weekend was filled with simplistic bliss:

goodwill (where we happen to find the best.used books.ever.)
trader joe's (*sigh*)
eastern market (i just love the map man--- jim tam)
museums (tourists traps--- but we had coupons to here and here)
friends (including dessert & chatting)
church (kids with high energy)
more friends (including more dessert & more chatting)
and very little homework (hooray)
may your week be filled with dreams of ice cream cones. i know mine will be :)


nice & interesting

last night was a nice & interesting night for me. ben and i made yummy soup for dinner and cuddled [nice]. we watched a movie [interesting].
i also received a package from ms rose red--- because some of her things from her shop are on my christmas list [nice].
rosered is so crafty! check out her shop here [nice].

for some reason i was just emotional last night [interesting]. i think it was the movie [interesting].

but: i got to talk to my 4-year-old nephew [nice]. he told me about how on thomas the train the movie there is a green train named emily [nice]. it made me miss him so much [interesting].
i can't wait for the holidays [nice]. i miss my family and friends [nice].

i hope you are well and hope you have a sunny weekend. that's what i hope for!

love love,


photos taken with the shake it photo application on my iphone.


all because i left my umbrella on the train

wednesday is my late night this semester as you learned here.

i was so set on getting home that i darted off the train and left my [nice] umbrella on the train.

i alerted the station manager as soon as i realized i was without (when i stepped into the rain)--- and so it took about 20 minutes for the train conductor to be able to check if my umbrella was there. i got to talking with the station manager and he starting talking about his life, his wife and how they have been married for 33 years. he says there is nothing left that excites them to be together. they sleep in separate beds.

i asked, what do you think you could do to make it better?

he said, there isn't anything we can do to make it better.
but... isn't there?! what can we all do to makes things better? is it because we have our mind set that things are just to remain the way they are or get worse? i've had situations in my life where i have had to salvage things but i did it only because it was really important to me.

do we not "make it better" because it isn't important?

i hope y'all have something to say on the topic. i'm very interested to know.
and i hope you're all having a good week.



things i've been thinking

i sent a package across the country last week with about $8.74 worth of stamps on it.

did it make it?!

i saw this tree with half leaves, half not and i thought...

what a beautiful creation. trees. especially in the fall.
ben and i made some of our favorite ice cream this weekend to share with some friends.

it's never been better.

i've been thinking i like my life.
but i've also been thinking i need a little break from work and school and thanksgiving in utah will be the bestest of the cures.

what cha been thinking lately?


i survived!

i almost... almost thought about neglecting the blog world a little longer.


but i'm back. school this week was a little crazier than usual. it ended on a high note that drove me to one of my guilty pleasures. a tv show that i love to watch only because i would love to have the unrealistic salary where i can wear perfect clothing all of the time.

but really i just love sitting around with a bunch of women and chewing the fat about our views. i love dc. and well...
i love shoes?

you wouldn't know it, since i dress like an 8 year old... but i do have a problem whenever i go to nordstrom, i go straight for the shoes.

so. happy guy fawkes day

and happy thursday.


too busy to post a photo

hellooo lovelies!

this week is crazy. well, until thursday.

so. i'll be back to my blog and your blogs soon!!