me & mr tamborine man

tonight it's just me & bob dylan's greatest hits on vinyl.

ben left for utah this afternoon. i will join him in a week but oooh how i miss him--- already. i'm working on some projects + homework while he is away. hopefully projects & homework turn out well.

photo taken at madame tussauds this weekend. unfortunately, this isn't the real bob.



Bob Dylan is a genius!
Good luck with the projects~

Linds said...

i hate being in separate states as your sweetheart :(

but i know you'll get so much done and accomplished.

i can't wait to see you!

bethi said...

i cant think of a better substitute!!...and knowing you, im sure your homework and projects will be fab!! lov ya!

Saskia said...

I bet you're missing him. I miss Mr B so much when we're parted :(

The upside is that I'm sure you'll get lots done... I always do when I'm alone at home!

Have a good week.

Saskia xx

Courtney said...

It's no fun being away from our loves!

Have a great week!!!

Rose Red said...

I hate being home alone. I get really scared and paranoid. Sorry, that probably doesn't help you.

Bob is looking a little creepy!

missy. said...

woo woo! go utah. ;)

hope you fly safely when you come out here!

shayna said...

Do you kind of wish there was a wax sculpture of you at Madame Tussauds? Have you thought about that?