well, it's been real, 2009.

i always feel strange at the end of the year. good strange. i like to reflect and look at all the great things that have happened and the great things i've been able to do--- and now that i'm married, i look at things that ben & i have been able to do together. 2009 was our first full year of marriage. i can honestly say it has been completely fabulous and marriage only gets better for me.

i love my life and our life--- and even though there are things that i wish would come more easily for us (not in our marriage but in life)--- i understand that these things help us to grow.

so it is with fond affection and fantastic memories, i say goodbye to 2009. i loved you, but i know i will love 2010 even more.

oh and if you can, ring in the new year with a mini keg of virgil's root beer (or glass bottles of it). it is good stuff (as pictured).



christmas in the sunshine

i love family time. hope you're having a happy holiday.



merry christmas to all!

merry christmas from saint george, utah!


why i love my city, reason #5,256

friday is date night (usually). we went to see the national christmas tree and strolled around the city. we took the circulator bus to georgetown... shopped and got cupcake. (read about my love for cupcake here and here.) the original cupcake has moved to a new location in georgetown. at first i was skeptical... but i think i love it.
to think i fell in love with this place over a year ago...
i always have to eat my cupcake cupcakes in half now because ben and i always split them like this :) p.s. the white chocolate peppermint was to die for!!!!
dear georgetown, i love you. i really do.
the obligatory on-the-train-ride-home shot. love you, dc.

oh and i wanted you to see i finished my red scarf! and the one ben is wearing is the first ever scarf i knit :)


the great blizzard of 2009.

dc got record snow over the weekend. approximately 20 inches--- the most it's ever had--- in one sitting. the biggest storm next to this one was in the 1920s.
we couldn't see our front stepswe were crazy enough to go and play on the national mall. you can barely see the washington monument just left of the trees.
the next morning it was bright and sunny--- so i went to take some photos.

ohhh i love the snow.


today i just want to fly

... i want to fly. not necessarily home to utah yet but... just fly. this photo gets me every time. it's taken in dc-- we have a lot of planes flying over all the time.

. it's just been one of those days. i think i feel weird not having homework, among other things. and i also just feel pensive.

hope all you lovelies out there are happy and well.


photo via.


just a little something i've been working on

is it bad to knit yourself a scarf at this time of year?


capitals & wizards in a box

i work for a nice company that has a box suite at the verizon center. so on friday & saturday we got to enjoy a capitals (hockey) game and a wizards (basketball) game.

i'm not really into sports but it's fun to watch them live! and the hockey fans are especially into the game!!friday it was a hockey rink...and saturday it was a basketball court!there was food in the box... and starfruit!! i love it!
this is the son of one of my coworkers. he made an awesome sign for the wizards! i loved his team spirit :)


sugar cookies for all

we made some sugar cookies last night. we made far too many so we look forward to sharing them with friends. we had a lot of fun and had waaay too much frosting.

do you have any holiday traditions?

em & ben

p.s. i'm finished with my finals!!! freeeedom!


some photos i took, with film.

i loved the shadows in this
my dad is a photographer.
he got offered a job by national geographic once. that is like the rolls royce of photography jobs.

but, i am still learning. sadly, i put cameras aside for too long...

remember when i said i was going out shooting?
i'm working on a role of black&white right now. I think b&w is great in wintertime because the contrast is so stark sometimes.
stay tuned.

have a good weekend, lovelies!

p.s. thanks for all your well wishes on my papers. i'm almost done!!!

*some of these have lines because the photo machine that printed these was having issues. still, i think they came out ok.


p.s. wish me luck

it's finals this week.
i need all the luck i can get on my three 20 pagers that are all due throughout the week, starting today.


finding a tree on the hill

frager's hardware is a great little place for us in our neighborhood. we get all our little odds 'n' ends there.
and our christmas tree.
we love picking out a tree. it's really exciting. do you like ben's wreath? :)
we decorated and listened to christmas music on vinyl. pavarotti & bing.
it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...