this weekend i will...

this weekend i will:

*clean the house (my new goal, to clean it for real each week)
*dream about sunshine and the beach
*hang out with ben--- make food, snuggle and maybe take our cameras out to play
*study, study, study and write a paper (wahoo...)
*go to church and hang out with the cutest little 6 & 7 year olds
*call my family
*home improve in any way i can (we've been doing more with organization and decorating our walls)
*maybe go out on the town, maybe do something new

what are you up to?
i hope you have a great weekend.

em (& ben)

photo taken in provo, utah at diego's tacos w/ the yellow holga.


who i am

who i am [and glad to be]:
a nerd.
an anthropologist.
a social scientist.
a feminist.
a wife.
a daughter.
a sister.
an aunt.
a granddaughter.
a friend.
an observer of persons.
a teacher.
a student.
an office manager.
a dcist/washingtonian.
a mormon.
an aspiring photographer.
a food lover.
a music lover.
a dc lover.

who i am [and i wish i wasn't, sometimes]:
a sugar-aholic
socially awkward (?)
somehow, always tired
at times, uncontrollably busy
a worrier
anxiety riden

hmm. so much work to do.

who are you?


BANG! (we heart italian card games)

on sunday we had some peeps (jordan & rose, eli & julie) over to play BANG! it's a really fun italian card game that's sort of like a spaghetti western. and it's also one of those games where you can chat with friends and play at the same time.
and well, i love all things italian.

ben & i first played BANG! at my family's cabin. we are just sentimentally attached to it now. you can buy it here.

play it. love it.


sometimes we go to georgetown

and we hang out at urban.

it's for fun.

nick's honkytonk bar

we went country line dancing at nick's on saturday. it was happenin'.

but seriously, we had fun with our friends. and i got to wear my awesome boots. you like?

happy monday.
hope your weekend was good.


some holgas we took on our mlkj day outing

a squirrel jumped up on my leg at the jefferson memorial. scary. but cute. but mostly scary.
can you see me wagging my finger at it to get down?
click here for the polaroids we took.
i love photographic excursions. my birthday is coming up (in 2 months, ha) and we are hoping to acquire a couple more cameras... we'll see :)

have a great weekend.


we discovered we can go up on our roof.

that building is eastern high school. i think it's pretty.
the white swirly thing is rfk [robert f kennedy] stadium (where dc united plays).
the capitol.

we are happy about where we live. almost every day ben says, "i love our apartment."


i think i might be in love with tea

tea with honey could be one of the best things in the world.

ben and i drank a lot of tea over the weekend. it soothed my sore throat and warmed my soul :)

current favorites:
raspberry (always a favorite)
minty mint

and you?


mlkj day in polaroids

it's was a lovely holiday here in washington, d.c.
martin luther king jr day. he was a great man. click here to read about him.

celebrate civil rights.

hope your weekend was nice.


teaism makes me think of dina

i met up with dina yesterday at teaism. i've been there a few times, but each time has been with her. i love it. it's so quaint and charming.
and the sun was out. it was beautiful.

so we sat and chatted and drank our teas in the winter sun.
i am so jealous of her hair. it has just the right amount of curl.

have a beautiful weekend.


why i love this man:

he's really nice to me.

and cooks me dinner.
since this week is my first week of school [again] ben made me amazing dinner last night. roast chicken from julia child's book, mastering the art of french cooking.
it was so juicy and delicious.
i hope to post the recipe on my food blog in a few days.

i keep getting spoiled. he made me yummy dinner the beginning of last semester too!

thanks, lover.


we have a new neighbor. and he's really cute.

we got to meet our new neighbor, kingsley over at our friends' house on sunday. he is one of the cutest little dogs i've ever seen.
we were really tempted there for a second to get a dog of our own... so kingsley could have a playmate of course :)
kingsley snuggled right up to ben.
and also thought my hands were really delicious :)cute little fam of naomi, kingsley & josh. thanks for having us!


we got us a cute yellow holga. here are some shots as of late...

me. near a smithsonian museum.
newspapers under the weather.
our car, under the weather.
smithsonian castle.
pretty church.
friends at sette bello in salt lake city, utah.
mountains at snowbird.
ben with the kiddies.
bike rack bike.