who i am

who i am [and glad to be]:
a nerd.
an anthropologist.
a social scientist.
a feminist.
a wife.
a daughter.
a sister.
an aunt.
a granddaughter.
a friend.
an observer of persons.
a teacher.
a student.
an office manager.
a dcist/washingtonian.
a mormon.
an aspiring photographer.
a food lover.
a music lover.
a dc lover.

who i am [and i wish i wasn't, sometimes]:
a sugar-aholic
socially awkward (?)
somehow, always tired
at times, uncontrollably busy
a worrier
anxiety riden

hmm. so much work to do.

who are you?


*Lesli* said...

I am many of those things too :) You are also a wonderful blogger!

ourlittlelovenest said...

Funny how I so admire your first bunch of attributes and yet so relate with the second group of attributes. Love who you are!! (and p.s. that photo is phenomenal!) xoxo

Jocelyn said...

This is a cute post...hhhmmm...do you mind if i "steal" the idea for my blog sometime? Love the pic of you too...it is fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

I'm different things to different people...some people bring out the good in me, some the bad. The comforting thing is that I'm always changing. Something in my "bad" list might end up in my "good" list one day because I come to love that part of myself. Who knows?

{Great post}

Brittany said...

i love lists.
sometimes its great to get yourself written down.
it's so hard, but satisfying.

i'm a lot of these same things...especially stubborn.
and always tired.

but i'm happy, in general. so happy.

Emily Anne said...

Beautiful post :) I loved reading it. Also, what an awesome picture.

I am a nerd, an explorer, a traveller, a shower vocalist, a foodie, a writer, a music snob, a dance party enthusiast, a bookworm.

Your blog is one of my favourites :) xo

Rose Red said...

I am: a wife, daughter, sister, friend, dog mom,student, lover of history, art, literature, traveling,a crafter, designer, artist, collector, feminist, mormon, mexican.

I wish I wasn't: a procrastinator, antisocial, soda addict, overly sensitive, phone phobic, math phobic, self loathing, cynical.

I have a lot to work on!

communikate. said...

lovely post by a lovely girl.

i too have so much to work on. sugar included.

Megan Marie said...

I swear I go on a search for myself at least once a year! Boy, does it help to sit down and reflect on life for a while. Usually I realize that I am a combination of what I like and what I want to be like.

I am amazed by how unique each person is, yet if we all listed out who we are, I am sure we would find we have so very much in common.

Thanks for the post. :)

7upkels said...

i love this list. i came up with one a few weeks ago and i was kind of surprised with the results.

i am...
definitely too stubborn, too independent and way too stressed out at times.

but i like that i am a friend, who loves the world even if it doesn't love me back.

great post!

Nicole Marie said...

i love this. i might have to steal it.
i'm anxiety riden too. and tired a lot.

shayna said...

Oh great, the sugar-aholic runs in the family. Should we take a class? To help with that?

N. Puga said...

You are lovely!

thanks for stopping by.