things i've learned this week [2]

  • honesty really is the best policy
  • i'm kind of a weak person because i don't have to deal with a lot of hard things like others do
  • i'm a little a.d.d. and i probably need to focus my efforts on one talent at a time
  • i will never be an olympic athlete
  • ben likes to plan, even more than i do (!!!)
  • i love hardwood floors but i hate the inevitable dust accumulation
  • i love having a gas stove
  • no matter how upset i am, ben can always make me smile
  • my homework load would seem lighter, if only i could read faster
  • latina women [pachucas] who wore zoot suits in the 1940s were staging a political revolution (wootwoot!)
  • men and women are very different (ok, i already knew that)
  • whenever i see a good wedding idea, i want to have another wedding party. maybe ben and i will have to do a revised reenactment every couple of years.


sometimes, it's the little things

this week has been a little stressful for me... mostly because of school, but other things too.

and yesterday when i was walking to class i saw george in his birthday attire (february 22nd was george's bday).
and it made me happy.

what has made you smile this week?


watching things fly & the big tree

there is a big tree in the water off the george washington parkway that i always see and want to take a photo of when we drive by.
so we did that on saturday. because the sunshine was out. and it was fun.

and we also watched planes and birds fly at gravelly point. we can't wait to go back when the weather is picnic appropriate :)


the olympics & reduced guilt

ben was mucho excited about the u.s. canada hockey game last night.
we've had the olympics on nonstop it seems.

and we decided we've been good, so we had reduced guilt brownies from trader joe's. mmmm. ben sported his cool hockey shirt.
we're making our "reduced guilt" faces
do you watch the olympics?
what's your favorite event to watch?

happy monday.


things i've learned this week [1]

  • all you need is love (seriously)
  • patience is one of those difficult virtues
  • working women at the turn of the century (and now) were severly targeted by capitalism
  • i have several love/hate relationships with things and people
  • it's nice having friends who know all about you and like you anyway
  • road trips are [mostly] fun & exciting
  • people with disabilities must to be treated like everyone else - as citizens
  • my professors love to hear themselves speak
  • i love 30rock
  • sometimes, blessings come in disguises
  • i don't like strawberry flavored stuff, just the good ol' regular strawberries
  • genius playlists help me realize what great music i have... and if i really like something, i'll listen to it over and over again
  • most things in my life have to be portable
p.s. ben loves wilco. so this little southern gas station made him happy.


atlanta: coke world & olympic park

on saturday, we went to atlanta. saw olympic park. went to world o' coke and tried 60+ different kinds of coke products. which is good. because we all like coke. a lot.
for me, coke is so much better in a glass bottle... (and with cane sugar)striking my heidi klum poseben tried to prove that diet coke and caffeine free diet coke taste differently. they don't.
we got free cokes. free stuff is fun.
fun times.

do you have a thing for coke?


athens, georgia

we loved georgia over the weekend. being with friends: jake, shevaun & elle was so fun!!!the giant peach was actually in south carolina. ha.
we brought the snow with us.
we ate yummy food. and drank out of enormous cups.
we fell in love with little elle again (we haven't seen her in over a year). she is just barely 2 and is really smart and chatty. i think she grew to love us back.
we brought one of our favorite games to play: BANG!
and elle reminded us of the simple joys in life. soap & bananas.

thanks again friends!! we love you and miss you already!


dabbling in durham

we stayed in durham, north carolina on our way to georgia over the weekend. we have really nice friends that let us stay at their house--- even though they were out of town (thanks clark & amy!!).

we tried yummy carolina bbq, visited duke chapel (beautiful) and tried loco pops--- quite possibly the best popsicles around. i want to go back just for the chocolate brownie pop. and this was too good to pass up. best. name. ever. what can i say?
we loved durham.


hope you had a lovely valentine's day

since we were in athens, georgia this weekend, we celebrated the fun day o' love with friends. we tried this cute pizza place called transmetropolitan.
i loved it.
the bbq chicken pizza was best. jake with the overly large pizza we are glad we all shared (and you can see adorable elle to the left).enormous slices.
shevaun & i. it was so good to be with long lost friends again!!it was really fun.

what i love today:
1/ ben & his perfect hugs
2/ being with friends that we have known for years and feel happy just to be with
3/ relaxing days & naps
4/ little people who are so fun and happy about life (little 2-year-old elle: more on her, later)
5/ great conversations with ben. and with lovely friends.
6/ discovering new towns and places (i have loved our trip down south)