the olympics & reduced guilt

ben was mucho excited about the u.s. canada hockey game last night.
we've had the olympics on nonstop it seems.

and we decided we've been good, so we had reduced guilt brownies from trader joe's. mmmm. ben sported his cool hockey shirt.
we're making our "reduced guilt" faces
do you watch the olympics?
what's your favorite event to watch?

happy monday.


Sarah said...

LOL! Cute pictures!! I'll have to try those Reduced Guilt Brownies from Trader Joe's. They look good. Thanks for the tip!

Oh yes, we've had the Olympics on nonstop here too. A favorite event? I have to pick? LOL. I really do like them all. Hubby would pick ski jumping I think.

Have a great week Emily!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

YES! We're totally into it. It got a tad over board last weekend. All the lounging and such. But this weekend we folded a mountain of laundry (complied from last weekends doing-of-nothing!). So now I have 'reduced guilt' from all the Olympics watching.

Have a a great week!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Mmm brownies! I love watching the ski and snowboard events.

Peggy said...

Oh, are we out of it! Sorry, no Olympics, but we had Shayna drop in and surprise us and my heart leaped the goal post and scored a win. Thanks for the update

Linds said...

i love all olympic sports. it's hard to choose just one.

and brownies are always golden.

sienna said...

go USA! no TV here, so sad. i camped out at my neighbors the other day to watch a couple hours of figure skating. it was awesome! yum, brownies.

Mandy said...

Yummy brownies!
I have somehow only watched Men's Figure Skating? Which, kind of makes me laugh but is really cool. I blame it on midterms.

Lilee▲ said...

love the pics, haha i love the olympicsss

shayna said...

I need to reduce my guilt.

shayna said...
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