things i've learned this week [1]

  • all you need is love (seriously)
  • patience is one of those difficult virtues
  • working women at the turn of the century (and now) were severly targeted by capitalism
  • i have several love/hate relationships with things and people
  • it's nice having friends who know all about you and like you anyway
  • road trips are [mostly] fun & exciting
  • people with disabilities must to be treated like everyone else - as citizens
  • my professors love to hear themselves speak
  • i love 30rock
  • sometimes, blessings come in disguises
  • i don't like strawberry flavored stuff, just the good ol' regular strawberries
  • genius playlists help me realize what great music i have... and if i really like something, i'll listen to it over and over again
  • most things in my life have to be portable
p.s. ben loves wilco. so this little southern gas station made him happy.


Elizabeth said...

As for your first two, I have been repeating to myself this week: Love is patient, love is kind.

Sometimes it's harder than it looks.

*Lesli* said...

Very encouraging. I LOVE Wilco too :)

Ro Ro Riot said...

I like your list. And I'm very interested in knowing who is on your love/hate relationship list.

Peggy said...

And I don't want to know if I'm on the love/hate list. Just think kind thoughts and tell us words of love and we'll all be happy. Yippeee!

Sarah said...

the perfect Friday post! This is great Emily! I love the pictures too...happy weekend!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I agree with Elizabeth. I've been dealing with the same, Love is patient, Love is Kind.

kELLO! said...

i love 30rock too!! so funny.

Rose Red said...

Great list. I too love 30 rock and genius. Glad you guys had so much fun.

Crystal Ball said...

You look gorgeous in that first photo! Probably one of my favorites that you've posted.
And very true things you said.
However, I love strawberry flavored things. I don't like grape flavored things but I do love grapes.

Courtney said...

random: I don't like cherries...just cherry flavored things

and I agree, all you need is love

Nicole Marie said...

i love the new starbucks cups!! i hope they stay forever!!

Linds said...

i haven't gotten an emily playlist in a long time. i'm curious what is on your repeat these days.

love you.

Adele said...

i totally agree with the portable things. i wish every appliance ever made was portable! (; xoxo

shayna said...

Happy Valentine's Day no one!

Connie said...

super cute blog! I love the "chipped in"... hehe