the dominican north

we took a nice drive.
saw playa diamante
ben makes me laugh
playa caleton
saw amber. the mosquito is the one from jurassic park
saw other cool stuff
i love taking pictures of ben taking pictures
we drank yummy drinks on a nice sun bed
ben posed for an advertisement
one last vista of the lush, green north


under the [caribbean] sea

we snorkeled as often as we could in the d.r.
and we also did this amazing hike where you hike up waterfalls and then slide down the natural slides where the waterfalls are. AMAZING.


things that made me happy this weekend

these tulips from trader joe's
getting radius pizza with ben (here)
ben putting funny things into our cart at target
our blossoming neighborhood & late night walks
earth hour (it was on saturday from 8:30-9:30)
this new cute teapot drawing i got from my friends, linny & randy for my bday
and making these cupcakes

what made you happy this weekend?


b&w holgas coupled with things i learned while in the dominican republic

  • hydration is very, very good

  • the caribbean sun is super intense

  • i LOVE hearing ben speak spanish, especially dominican spanish!!

  • i love learning about ben’s personality in spanish; he still cracks a lot of jokes and makes people laugh in spanish

  • the dominican diet (a term coined by ben) is definitely a rite-of-passage

  • when you drive in the d.r., brace yourself, just brace yourself. and don’t blink.

  • i really want to move to a tropical island. if it weren’t for malaria and dengue, we would’ve just stayed in the d.r.

  • ok, i do like the fact that i can brush my teeth with tap water in the u.s.

  • true vacation allows you to forget you work full time and go to school full time--- and things don’t stand still while you’re away

  • ben was only 19 when he moved to the d.r. and influenced so many lives for good. meeting the people he met and baptized into the lds church really made my heart happy. i’ve never loved ben more.

  • dominicans are beautiful. dominicans are energetic.
  • i just loved every minute. we can’t wait to go back.

  • and i learned a lot of other things too


santo domingo: water & food

we also got to visit the aquario nacional. we were loving how inexpensive all the "touristy" things were. ahhhhh into the sun face!!!
i loved the aqua water outside the aquarium (well and everywhere)LOVE the city skyline behind the trees

and of course we loved the foooood:
la bandera, the most dominican a dish can be. it's simply: beans, rice and chicken but OH SO DELICIOUS!!!
and yes, we ate dinner in a cave:
can i go back now?