i must confess.

we first visited good stuff in september after a lovely night of sailing. now, 50 visits and 532 pounds later... i am confessing.

i love good stuff eatery. i literally crave it every. single. day.

*photo of ben and his cousin, sarah who was in town a little while back.


our little love nest said...

Yummy...I want to go there! xoxo

Sarah said...

Ohhh YUM!
Hope the vacation is going well and that you're having a wonderful time!


You are one loyal customer!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

O yes please, that looks awesome!

Megan Marie said...

My goodness, do I have a sweet-tooth lately! I had to pick up jogging to counteract my junk intake. :) Looks delicious.

Linds said...

what are those flavors? they look fantastic!