international women's day

happy international women's day (click)!

here are but a few of my favorite women (well besides my beloved friends and family...):

simone de beauvoir
ani difranco
charlotte perkins gilman
sojourner truth
bell hooks
bretty freidan
patricia hill collins

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celebrate women today!!


Ro Ro Riot said...

Hey! I think I need to get more exposure to Ani Difranco and I think I need you to help me.

Sarah said...

LOL to Ro Ro Riot! I really need to check out Ani....

Thanks for these links Emily. Amazing women for sure! Wonderful post for today!

Rose Red said...

Hooray for women!

Brittany said...

huzzah for today! i'm excited to read all about your favorites.

Linds said...

man, i want a new green skirt! yippee for celebrations!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, The Yellow Wallpaper :)


Celebrate daily!!!