santo domingo: water & food

we also got to visit the aquario nacional. we were loving how inexpensive all the "touristy" things were. ahhhhh into the sun face!!!
i loved the aqua water outside the aquarium (well and everywhere)LOVE the city skyline behind the trees

and of course we loved the foooood:
la bandera, the most dominican a dish can be. it's simply: beans, rice and chicken but OH SO DELICIOUS!!!
and yes, we ate dinner in a cave:
can i go back now?


Cassandra said...

Oh my! That cave restaurant is so very cool!

our little love nest said...

Eating in a cave seems like so much fun. It looks gorgeous!! (yes I would so love all of your i phone photo app ideas...thank you thank you!!) Once again I must say, you are way too pretty, dang it!!

Rose Red said...

How fun! Dinner in a cave sounds scary and romantic.

Linds said...

mmmm. the sun seems so warm and nice there.

i love that little fish. it's like he's saying-hola. thanks for visiting me. cute.

Ben said...

Can we go back?

Sarah said...

Lol Ben! I hope you do cuz we sure are loving the pictures and stories!

Elizabeth said...

I'm gonna need some la bandera right now. Simple foods are the best kind of foods when you're on the road.