last week and this week we made UH-maze-ing pizza. thanks to recommendations from my sister, shayna. find the recipes here.

homemade pizza is just one of those little joys in life.

hope you have a happy weekend. and pizza.


polaroids as of late

flat iron, nyc (by ben)
cherry blossoms, jefferson memorial
walking on a brick wall
something went awry with the film when it came out of the camera on this one. but i think i like it :)

more of nyc taken by my pro bro

remember our weekend trip to nyc a few weeks ago (here & here)?

well my brother took these. and he's talented and pro-fessional. just needed you to know. ya know?


loving the red brick and various complementing colors

i took these on saturday while on a writing break from my final papers. it was cloudy and little gloomy out but i was feeling grateful for all these bright colors--- especially the red brick with the different complementing colors.
i sure hope it's lovely and springy where you are.



the other night i dreamed i had film for this camera

and i really wish it would come true.

p.s. thanks dad for letting me take this camera home with me...

earth's day

happy earth day all.

treat thy mother earth well. even the little things
make a big difference.

at least i think so.



lately, when i'm not sure what to listen to...

i turn on vampire weekend.
and maybe a little she&him volume two (i'm still learning it...)

vampire weekend just makes me want go out and do some free-style walking on campus.
and she&him just makes me have a crush on zooey even more (is that possible?).

all three albums have been surprising easy to listen to as i type my final papers (and not distracting!!).
what have you been listening to?

p.s. thanks to all for your input on mommy blogging. it seriously helps. and i am seriously using each and every comment in my paper (i hope that's cool *wink*)!


calling all mothers who blog!!!

hello lovely bloggers who are mothers.

i am writing a final paper on you for my feminist ethics class (which is a lot about motherhood and the ethics of care-giving).

my paper is about mothers who blog and the pros and cons of blogging.
but my main focus are the positives!!

if you would be so kind as to comment
and tell me a few pros/cons of publicly blogging as a mother.

or if you don't want to comment publicly, please send an email to emily.dc67@gmail.com

any help would be much appreciated!!!

and even if you are not a mother who blogs, and you're just a blogger who has something to say about mothers who blog, please comment or email!!

thanks lovelies!!


dc united= i heart soccer live

i really love soccer. it's especially good when it's live.

unfortunately it was a little freezing on saturday at the game (big puffy coat in april?). but we still had fun, particularly because we get to walk to the stadium--- it's so close to our house. and i got my very own cotton candy to keep my belly warm (merh?).

loved it.
hope your weekend was happy.


let's talk cameras for a second.

i really like cameras. ok? ya get it.

i've had my eye this little baby for a few months... the mini-ness of it all gets me. and the little instant photos that are not so spendy and rare (like a certain other camera i have...)
what are your thoughts on the cutest of cute instax mini?

yes, i should be focusing on other things right now, but i like to distract myself with fun things.

shayna, i see you rolling your eyes
thanks rhianne for your advice!!

*photo of me taken by me at ben sherman, in soho, new york city


our new mini friend, diana

i got a diana mini for my birthday. she takes 35mm film. and she takes square photos as well as half frame photos (so you get two right next to each other on one shot).

umm. we love her.


the title of this post is there is no title

i'm busy.

but blogging is my little escape. and don't you just love this photo? it describes my brain perfectly right now... [almost] everything is sort of a jumble but there are somethings that are for sure, like:
i love ben
i am SO ready to be finished with finals
but i have SO much to do before i can be done
ben is really, really nice to me

there is a lot of laundry to do
i'm glad we finally went grocery shopping last night
and things like this


*photo of the lincoln memorial from the gw parkway.


art-chitecture in nyc

i feel a little obsessed with architecture lately.
art and trains are an ongoing obsession.
pablo did a quick sketch of me (ha).
ben admiring pollock.
edee [the art buff of us all] explains things.
our own little art.
obsessed with the reflections of buildings on other buildings!!!!
happy yellow & green in the concrete jungle.
the view from the place where we stayed for the weekend.
we really were spoiled.

nyc is just fun. my heart definitely beats differently for nyc.

i just love learning new cities. and i want to live in all of them. i regularly daydream about living in places like milano, new york city and san francisco--- all the while loving every minute of dc and never ever wanting to leave.

yes, i have a gypsy feet problem.