art-chitecture in nyc

i feel a little obsessed with architecture lately.
art and trains are an ongoing obsession.
pablo did a quick sketch of me (ha).
ben admiring pollock.
edee [the art buff of us all] explains things.
our own little art.
obsessed with the reflections of buildings on other buildings!!!!
happy yellow & green in the concrete jungle.
the view from the place where we stayed for the weekend.
we really were spoiled.

nyc is just fun. my heart definitely beats differently for nyc.

i just love learning new cities. and i want to live in all of them. i regularly daydream about living in places like milano, new york city and san francisco--- all the while loving every minute of dc and never ever wanting to leave.

yes, i have a gypsy feet problem.


Rhianne said...

ohh, I would just love to visit NY, especially with my polaroid and fuji instax mini, looks like you had an amazing time!

Anna said...

haha that sketch does look just like you! As I get older I am starting to appreciate cities more, maybe because I'm not as intimidated by them. Don't know if I would ever feel entirely comfortable or relaxed living in a downtown though, and I need to have a yard!

Receli said...

I have gypgsy feet too...

ps I am totally conflicted... I LOVE cities like LA, NYC, DC, San Francisco, etc... and yet sometimes hate the idea of permanently living there too!

Rose Red said...

Pablo did a great job at capturing your facial expression ;) What a fun trip.

Elizabeth said...

Gypsy feet are completely acceptable. I call mine nomad feet :)

Kera said...

can't wait to go!!

Bridget said...

loooove nyc. my friend works in that funky shaped mirrory building in your last pic! (at least im pretty sure).

kELLO! said...

i love nyc when i was there. roed and i took a train in when we were staying with his family near philly. we got off at the wrong newark station. hahah i guess there's a NY side and a NJ side. oops! thankfully, we explained and they let us back on. you'd think they would change the name. not confusing AT ALL. ;)

communikate. said...


i must stop doing that.

glad you enjoyed MOMA. i love it with my whole heart.

The Proctor Group said...

I'm jealous. Looks like a fun trip.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I'm with ya on the gypsy feet problem. That's a perfect way of putting it.

I love the pictures of New York. For someone like me who hasn't been able to visit yet, they really show the real city. It's so wonderful you get to do all this amazing traveling.

sienna said...

i actually am less enchanted with the city as i get older, but it's fun to visit. your pictures are great. i love seeing the world through your eyes. good luck on finishing everything. i think i can guess how you might be feeling. i have one week and one paper left. (then a week off and a new semester to do it all over again.)