calling all mothers who blog!!!

hello lovely bloggers who are mothers.

i am writing a final paper on you for my feminist ethics class (which is a lot about motherhood and the ethics of care-giving).

my paper is about mothers who blog and the pros and cons of blogging.
but my main focus are the positives!!

if you would be so kind as to comment
and tell me a few pros/cons of publicly blogging as a mother.

or if you don't want to comment publicly, please send an email to emily.dc67@gmail.com

any help would be much appreciated!!!

and even if you are not a mother who blogs, and you're just a blogger who has something to say about mothers who blog, please comment or email!!

thanks lovelies!!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Ooo let me think of some good ones and I'll send them to you. What an interesting idea!

Megan Marie said...

*i've met fabulous people who have great parenting ideas
*it's my family history
*it keeps me motivated to do fun things with my kids so i have stuff to post about
*it's a hobby that doesn't make a mess
*people give me positive feedback about triumphs

*people give me positive feedback when i'm feeling under-appreciated (so it causes negative reinforcement)
*it takes time and unless i use only the time i've budgeted, i go into time debt and feel nuts
*i get a bit of criticism about personal flaws that definitely is unwanted
*there's stranger danger
*i have to be careful about airing my dirty laundry and being openly critical of loved ones

good luck with this project. hope this helps!!

Megan Marie said...

wait, i thought of another pro...

many many many women who are feeling very alone as mothers of young children have let me know that certain posts have been inspiring, or have reached out to me for friendship and support. my being open about my trails and triumphs as a mother has touched people's hearts, even to total strangers. and many other woman have done the same for me.

Cassandra said...

What an honor!

Pros of mommy blogging:

* The support: A community of women who chime in, support, and encourage (and every mom seems to know exactly when it is needed!)

* The inspiration: When I read a post that a mother has written, something she or one of her children have experienced, I file it away in my memory banks for future reference.

* The friendship: Many of the women who come to my blog I know from personal life. They are friends and family that have known me for ages. Others are women that I "know" only through the internet (like yourself) but am glad to call friends.

* The memory keeping: I am a firm believer in memory keeping for my children. My blog is the way I keep track of the events, big and small, simple or complex, that mark our days. I want my children to know who and where they came from. It's important to me that my children know who I am, and what was most important to me in our days together.

hanner said...

my friend michelle (who i met through blogging, incidentally, although neither of us are moms) wrote her thesis on mommy blogging. might be helpful? (if you're interested in reading someone else's thesis, haha. although i read part of it and found it quite interesting.)

see here.

*Lesli* said...

Pros-a document of life, being able to be honest, gathering insight from other wonderful mothers, a sense of motherhood community, wonderful ideas on everything from discipline to quick and easy meals and fun activities, my very favorite is seeing other mothers be "real" and imperfect.

Cons-feeling like i'm not up to par in my parenting skills, sometimes being embarressed because i'm a single mom, not having enough time to post all the little things i miss. and one more thing...i find that if people don't have children of their own, they are reluctant to read a mother's blog, especially if it's soley about their child. I suppose i wouldn't read a blog about a person who talked soley about their dog or their motorcycle either :)

shayna said...

When I'm a mother, I'm going to blog.

Bridget said...

gurl, i am a mother who blogs (and though i didn't give birth to them, do i still count?)

if i do, the pros:

*keeping track of memories. i'm not as good at journaling as i used to be (slash dont do it at all) so this is my way of keeping track.
*it makes me appreciate the little things we do day in and day out when i see it there on the screen. is that weird?
*being held accountable to be a good woman/mother/wife/person...although i guess i could lie to my blog-peeps. but i try not to.
*being part of a community where someone might say "i am going through that too!" or be able to answer a random question you have.

*i can't think of many, though i haven't been blogging for very long. im sure they will come. but at this point... maybe if someone thought my story/becoming a stepmom/wife of an older man was totally crazy and wrong and came out and said so... i'd be kinda sad.

if you need any other specific answers, just shoot me an email!

whimsy said...

hello there! so, apparently we have all the same bloggy friends, because i always see your comments on all my friends blogs! and you are just so darling! and i love your blog and i think we should be friends! and i too, love anthro!

Receli said...

I have only been a blogging mommy for 5 weeks... well unless you count the pregnancy.

it keeps loved ones connected... for example, when we were going to have Eliza Lane, we just told all of our family and friends to just keep themselves posted through our blog. Then our distant family and friends could see pics and know when we had her, how we were doing, etc.
It saves time... for the above reason, family and friends wnt to know what is going on... and that would be repeated the more that you talk to them, esp on the phone. But i they read your blog, you said precious time conveying information.
It is easier for me to keep tabs on people. I have a list of my family and friens blogs on my blog. The list automatcally updates. So, I know who has new posts, so I can just read and look at those without going through the whole list.
It gives me something to do when I am breastfeeding... which happens like all day long..
I have a goal to blog atleast once a week... so that helps me keep track and record life in a place that I can't lose it.

I know some moms don't like having a public blog and talking about their kids.
I might get caught up in the future and waste time.
I don't know...

Good luck on your paper!! :)

Little Miss Tiara said...

I love reading mom's blogs sometimes, and I'm not even a mother yet (well of course?) lol.

It's like seeing how busy and stressing and fun a motherhood life is, so I can prepare myself for mine later ;d

and cute babies are always apples of my eyes! haha <3

our little love nest said...

Awesome topic, Emily!
Pros for me are:
1. Being able to promote my
Etsy shops and therefore work from home.
2. It gives me the ability to share photos and stories with my family and friends back home and enables closer family relations. A very fun way to share our lives even though we are far apart.
3. I don't have a lot of time, with 4 kids and our very busy lives to build friendships with similar minded people. However blogging takes me about 2 hours or less a day and gives me an opportunity to meet and connect with some really interesting and wonderful people.
4. Our children, both big and small beam with pride when I do a post including them. I think it is a great way for me to tell them how proud I am of each of them.

The only cons I can think of are occasionally getting too caught up in how many comments one receives or perhaps the occasional draining reader who isn't understanding that you don't sit in front of your computer all day. I think re-framing things, having a good sense of boundaries along with some mad skills at communications makes these cons disappear.
Have a happy Tuesday and best of luck with your paper. I am sure it will be incredible.

carly said...

this was shared in my google reader! i did a paper recently on lesbian mommy bloggers.
i'd be really interested in reading your paper afterwards!

Nicole Marie said...

well i'm not a mommy but i take lots and lots of pictures of my brothers and i love posting pictures of them and going back and seeing how they grow and the funny things they do/did

communikate. said...


i just wrote the longest comment, but it didn't save it.


being a non-mom in the blogging world, has opened my eyes to the joys of parenting. i've always had a semi-negative attitude toward being a "mom." i think i've always felt there were so many restrictions to being a parent.

less money.
less sleep.
less time.

after reading handfuls of blogs of mom's who still maintain their personality, their hobbies, and commitments along with being an amazing parent has me longing for one of my own.

i personally chalk it up to nie nie.

hope that made sense. it's all over the place. :)

Peggy said...

Wow, reading all your comments has made me want to blog! You inspire me.

Whit said...

Do you still need stuff? Let me know. whitneybrinton@gmail.com. Or am I too late?

Tell Shayna that with or without kid{s} blogging should be a must by her. I would read it. period.

Julie said...

Somehow missed this post so it's probably too late for your paper, but you ask a good question that I have actually thought about.
Like the Dallin Oaks talk about how a strength can become a weakness if we are not careful, I've seen great blogs "jump the shark" as it were, but on the other hand, I think that BB (before blogging) (when my babies were small) I had faith and hope that my mothering was worth it but there was really no way to know that like there is now because now you can read a great blog and really feel something--feel connected to the community of caring women that clearly exists. But I also know that I would have probably become addicted to blogging and neglected my family (that double-edged sword thing.)
Also, mommy bloggers often reveal more about themselves than they intend and sometimes it's painful--not in a TMI kind of way, (which is also a problem) but in a much more subtle way--that happens even in one sentence comments on facebook. I, as an older woman and watcher, (not stalker) try to notice these things and help where I can, but sometimes you can only painfully watch from the sidelines and hope for interventions from other places.
I ramble. I'd love to read your paper.
You are wonderful. If it were not for blogging, I would not know you. God bless blogging. Seriously.