the d.r. in polaroids, et cetera

the beach:architecture:
(this one made us think we were in rome for a second. nope. santo domingo.)
(this was the last d.r. polaroid i took and i thought, hmmm maybe i should take more sideways polaroids!!)

this is the et cetera part:
i learned a lot this past week... and it's all sort of jumbled now.
  • i almost quit school this week. meaning i thought that once i'm done with this semester i'm just going to get my women's studies certificate and not go on for another year for the masters. i learned i just need to breath and talk it through... and then i'll remember what i really want. to learn. to grow. to achieve my goal.
  • spring in dc makes the silly winter all worth it.
  • ben makes my roller coaster schedule more stable and livable. it's so cliche but he's my rock.
  • it's also nice to have friends that i really feel happy to be around. thanks, friends.
  • i miss the d.r. (big surprise, eh?)
  • take things one day at a time. write papers one sentence at a time.


Linds said...

the polas are amazing as i imagined they would be. i love the anticipation and thrill of polaroids.

whatever you do with school---you have been stretched and you're constantly learning. you are an inspiration. {and i have no doubt you'll achieve your goal}

rocks are crucial in life. i'm glad yours is ben :)

Rose Red said...

You are amazing! I could never work as hard as you do. Keep up the good work :)

Anna said...

aa thanks for the last bullet point of wisdom :) I have 2 seminar papers to bust out this month and it is so overwhelming, especially since the weather is getting so nice out and is very distracting!! Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the architecture. My Ben is my rock too, although we have been long distance for 2 years (ugh) but he is moving closer next year for MY last year of school (which is freaky...I am sick of the papers, 12 hour work days and stress but I am not ready to enter the real world !!) Just stick with it, the year will pass no matter what you are doing, so you might as well come out with a masters!

Anonymous said...

This collection of polaroids just makes me want to have a holiday somewhere warm!

Good luck with school and all the rest.

Iva said...

wow amazing pictures!

Megan Marie said...

you are a stronger lady than I. school is... very quitable. go you.

Megan Marie said...

hey, you wouldn't happen to know these lovely people, would you?

MsHark said...

ohh just found your blog and I love it!!

Check out mine - I am moving to China in 1 month! My blog will be mostly travel related at that point, right now its a lot of fashion & beauty stuff with some travel thrown in. If you like it follow me too! (I'm your newest follower!) I can promise there will be plenty of cool travel posts soon.



Loving the moods of these photos!
Happy Easter~ Blessings*

Punctuation Mark said...

love the images... and it seems like a great time in the DR... have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Oh Emily, these are fantastic. Just amazing. I am SO glad Blogger let me in today. I've been doing a lot of outside reading about the D.R. because of your vacation and now I have a big crush on it! Kinda like the one I have on Utah. :)

Yes, sideways polaroids are so cool!

The things you learned list is great. I look forward to them every week now, because I learn from YOU.

I'm' so relieved you decided to achieve your goal with school Yay you! Congratulations :)

shayna said...

Do 'sisters' count as friends?