the title of this post is there is no title

i'm busy.

but blogging is my little escape. and don't you just love this photo? it describes my brain perfectly right now... [almost] everything is sort of a jumble but there are somethings that are for sure, like:
i love ben
i am SO ready to be finished with finals
but i have SO much to do before i can be done
ben is really, really nice to me

there is a lot of laundry to do
i'm glad we finally went grocery shopping last night
and things like this


*photo of the lincoln memorial from the gw parkway.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I do love this picture Emily! Thanks for posting it for us...And thanks for posting even though you're busy. Me too, and your blog is one of my little escapes. Thanks!

shayna said...

Grocery shopping is still on my list of things to do. We've started drizzling baked beans on chips and covering them with chicken broth and frozen blueberries. We don't have any foods left that really go together.

our little love nest said...

Good luck with your finals!! That is a lot going on in your life...make sure you have a few minutes here and there to relax. Take care, friend. xo

7upkels said...

have i emphasized enough how jealous i am that you live in dc? because i really, really am.

also -- good luck with finals!! once they're over, it's allll over!! thank goodness!

Rose Red said...

I love that picture. My brain is a lot like that too.
You have a lot on your plate right now, good thing you have a man like Ben.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Ben. You must treat him when finals are over, to some ice cream or another trip to the DR :)

cerealjoe said...

Ah yes. I understand that feeling... I have so much stuff to do and sometimes your brain starts to go a bit haywire!

kELLO! said...

finals. bleh.
photo. awesome.

ahlin said...

good luck!!! that's how my brain was last week. you can do it though! :)

communikate. said...

finals. ugh.

good luck!! ;)

Brittany said...

it really is a cool photo.

and blogging is my escape too!
good luck with all your finals!

sienna said...

yes, good luck. good idea about treating ben. i never thought of that until i realized the other day how much my craziness was making tony's life crazy and he was so good at supporting me and not complaining about it. i'm sure ben is the same way. cheers to good husbands! i'll have to take that advice and do something nice for tony as soon as the semester is over.

Jessica Lynn said...

I'll wish you luck with your finals if you wish me luck with mine. Deal?