a day in san diego

we visited san diego, california on wednesday. i do love that place. i especially love the pretty lds temple there, which we got to visit. unfortunately, the temple is under construction right now. but it was still beautiful to me.what the temple looks like right now--- and what it looks like usually [2nd photo via]
i had to get a shot of ben and dave (dad) because they look so cute in their bow ties. dave is the ultimate bow tie man (ben doesn't remember ever seeing him in a regular tie).
we also got to visit the mormon battalion visitors center--- where we got all educated about some of our peeps--- mormons who marched (during the mexican-american war) from iowa to san diego and eventually helped build san diego. we were all feeling proud. read more about it here.
and pinkberry. yep.
and well a ben family trip wouldn't be complete without a baseball game. the ben fam does love sports, but especially loves a good baseball game.

lovely family outing.

and lovely friday. happy day to all.


"my feet are buried in the sand... and there's a breeze"

ben applying da sunscreen. toys. linda walking on the beach. ben finding metal treasures.
flying the kite. the wonderful abode.
admiring our reflection.
"my feet are buried in the sand... and there's a breeze" -regina spektor
blissful sunset.

i'd like to stay. yes, i would.


i have a thing for rainbows

dan (brother), joe (brother), katie (sister), ben, linda (mom) and christina (sis-in-law). approximately ten years ago i purchased my first pair of rainbow sandals. they were beautiful brown leather. i felt this purchase would for sure optimize my coolness because my brother, brandon had owned a pair of rainbows for as long as i could remember and i pretty much always idolize(d) all of my siblings.

the rainbow outlet/factory in san clemente, california is the best [and only place :)] to buy rainbows. the prices are low and the atmosphere is fun.

in hindsight, i also feel because i possessed and wore rainbows when ben and i first met and dated--- ben loved me even more because of it (because ben too has been wearing rainbows for a long time). so long story short,

we love us some rainbows.

do you also have any sentimental attachment to inanimate objects?


dolphin watching near dana point harbor

we went dolphin watching off dana point harbor on saturday. the water was "lumpy"--- 8-10 foot swells... but we all had a great time and the dolphins were amazing!!!dana point harbor --- and california sea lions.
we are with ben's family this week--- here is linda (mom), ben, katie (sister), dave (dad) and christina (sister-in-law).
missing from the photo are joe (brother), dan (brother) and zachary (nephew).
what a lovely boat ride.
who knew there were so many dolphins so close to the shore?!
it was lovely.


happy monday from southern california

sending our love from capistrano beach! have a lovely monday.


diana minis of our april nyc trip

the diana mini half frame effect
again, the half frame thingerwe loved this trip to ny. it was so fun to be with some family and to take it easy in a fun city together. where will our next trip be shayna, eric, brandon & edee? ok, paul, eunnie and kristen & al can come too...

happy friday, all.

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disposable camera: vermonter photos

we went to vermont way back in october last year, but i just developed the disposable camera film we took while there... because i kind of forgot about this disposable camera once we got the holga and the diana mini. ha. ooops.

i especially love the one of shayna with sam (our nephew :)

and well vermont in the fall is something everyone must see. oh the colors!!

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up on the housetop

we were hoping for a pretty sunset, but instead we just peeked into people's backyards and tried to figure out the dimensions of our apartment from the roof.

just up on our housetop.


weekend projects = productive

i had a few projects this weekend... but one of them was...

i developed my first two rolls of color film. i've done black&white before... but color is a little more complicated. needless to say, i was nervous and stressed. but darnit, it all turned out really well. flustered, yet relieved, emily (yes, i'm standing in the shower)
ben by diana mini
blossoms by diana mini
tidal basin blossoms by diana mini
these last six were taken with a disposable camera (!!!) i was quite impressed with these too.

even though the developing process is tricky, i am really looking forward to doing more. it's a really nice project for me. and it just makes me appreciate film and the whole process more.


i miss sistershayna.

i love that we're making the same face in this one.
but shaaayna... why did you leave?

it's especially difficult to say goodbye to my sisters because they are also my best friends.

thanks for being my best girl, shayna.

this is us at good stuff eatery, last tuesday.


let's go fly a kite

on saturday while ben was working (boo) i met up with some friends (danny, dina & pat) to hang on the national mall and fly a kite.

ben and i got a $2 yo gabba gabba kite from target and so i've really been wanting to test it out.
it was really fun. i haven't flown a kite in about a decade. so it was really great.

do you like flying kites?

photos taken with my iphone via the shake it photo app


loving the vibrant colors of the i minis

archives, downtown dc
crabs with sistershayna
aquatic lily pads
fro zen yo purple wall
fro zen yo green wall with some purple wall
anniversary lilies

loving the i minis. mucho.

loving that it's friday, even more.