dc roller girls don't disappoint

the dc armory is a old and eerie and kind of cool.we've been doing a lot of fun things with sistershayna here.
things like the roller derby.

the dc armory houses a lot of fun events, including the ladies' roller derby. ever seen whip it? if you haven't, you might want to check it out, because then you might want to join the roller girls (that is, if you're a girl).

roller derby girls usually have really cool roller names, like marion barrycuda, camilla the hun or maggie mayheim.
shayna and ben and i were trying to think up my roller girl name if i decide to join. any suggestions?

it was such a fun, fascinating cultural experience. we also got to see some really cool half-time jump roper entertainment. jump roping is also really fun and fascinating to me.

see the dc roller girls, here.
p.s. we're working on our sports photography :)


kELLO! said...

fun! whip it is on our netflix queue :)

ahlin said...

that is so cool! i havent seen whip it yet but i've been meaning to!

shayna said...

With Liberty and Justice to Brawl.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

NO WAY! haha this is amazing :)

Cassandra said...

love whip it. love roller girls. i think it's too hard core for me these days in terms of participating, but would love to go and watch!

communikate. said...


i thought you were going to say that you were on a roller derby team.

would be cool and freakishly scary at the same time!

sounds like a fab time though!

Linds said...

this is awe.some.