mr ben makes me proud

on saturday evening we went out to dinner to celebrate ben and his recent promotion at work. he's a hard worker and makes me proud. really. thanks for being my hero, ben.

our dinner conversation revolved around the prospect of opening up our own pizza/gelato and maybe a little bit of pasta shop... someday.

does everyone who opens up a restaurant like this start it because they think they can do it best? because we are going to do it best. at least best in our opinion :)

we will of course name the place after our favorite pizza joint in italy. and we'll stray from the annoyed and snooty attitude we feel like we get from our favorite pizza places we've been to in the u.s. namely: 2 amys, seventh hill and grimaldi's.

what makes me laugh most about the attitude is that--- pizza in italy is seen as the poor man's food or simply juvenile. gets me every time.


shayna said...

Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza...need it, love it, eat it, want it.

*Lesli* said...

Congratulations Ben!

kELLO! said...

DO IT! i'd eat there.

Mandy said...

Is that for real? It's poor man's food?

I've heard Grimaldi's is pretty snooty, but I can say I'd go to your pizza place if you opened one :)

Congrats to your hubby on his promotion!

Peggy said...

Ben, tell us about the promotion! Congratulations on promotion and future in pizza.
Emily, I once tried to make root beer with honey and as soon as it hit the cold water it became a hard mass and I didn't ever try it again. I suppose you create a syrup with the honey first. At any rate, I want some of that root beer!

communikate. said...

we had this conversation just the other day about opening a restaurant.


we can to the conclusion that

a. neither one of us cook.
b. we'd probably kill each other.

case closed.

i'd be there in a heart beat if you did open one!

sienna said...

congrats ben! i'm confident that i would never ever want to own a restaurant, but i'll definitely visit yours. cooking dinner for my little family is hard enough.

Ro Ro Riot said...

I hope you will open up a food joint. I will come in and act snooty just so you can laugh at me behind my back. Though I don't think you would...so that ruins that plan.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

What a cute picture of your man that is

Linds said...

woowoo! i love celebrating! food makes everything better! congrats ben!