something i could watch for hours on end

the jellies by brother brandon

my brother, brandon put this video together after visiting the monterey bay aquarium. he sent it around to the fam and i knew i had to post it. p.s. there is sound. and it totally adds to it.

it's just so beautiful to me and well, i could watch jelly fish for HOURS. upon end.

the song is "kettering" by the antlers


Rachel Dangerfield said...

So beautiful. The way they move is just mesmerizing.

Brittany said...

jellies remind me of finding nemo. always. thanks for sharing this; it is really neat-o!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Now how cool is that?!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

sooooo COOOOOL!!!! I love the way they move

Shokoofeh said...

wow this is very beautiful!

S and O said...

oh that is a really cool video -- what amazing creatures and great footage ;)
the music is so pretty!


communikate. said...

it's so soothing and beautiful.

thanks for sharing and thanks for heavenly father for making our world beautiful. :)

shayna said...

I want to dance like a jelly fish with you. Does that sound weird?