the thinking weekend

although the weekend was filled with some of my favorite things:
world cup
family time
really good food

i was kind of off in la la land this weekend too. i was talking to my sister, kristen about really wanting to be traveling more this summer and then i'm like--- are you serious? because we've already had some really great trips this year and i just need to calm down.

i also thought a lot about relationships and how tricky they are. and how my best relationship is with ben (as it should be) --- but it's funny how one's approach to relationships... especially new friendships changes drastically once you are married.
well, at least for me.

i'm really happy for all the lovely people we've met in dc. whether it's been through school, work or church... we've really been lucky and we have fun times.
and we still cherish our friends we made in utah and love them deeply.

it's interesting how relationships evolve.

again, i feel lucky for the friendships i do have. they are important to me.

so that's what i was thinking about, mostly.

what did you think about over the weekend?


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Thinking lots this weekend about what the future holds (good stuff)... and about friendships too, my best is about to move away. And I can hardly bare it.

It is good to take time to think about things...

shayna said...

I just thought about how much I loved you...all weekend long. I just couldn't help it.

Em & Gar said...

I like this. It is something I think about a lot too. Fancy sunny's

S and O said...

there's nothing like family time :)
love your glasses!

sienna said...

we miss you guys. we'll always be here. glad you're out in the world making new friends. my two closest friends here in provo just found out that their husbands got jobs in other states and are moving. i'm super happy for them to be moving on, but super sad for me to have to make new friends again.

Megan Marie said...

i thought about the phrase, "i don't need this!" that can sometimes slip out when we're dealing with snotty people or unsavory situations. and about how we really do "need this" if the ultimate goal of this life is to learn self-control and Christlike love. so now i correct myself and think, "i do need this. but i don't want this."

relationships, weather with old friend or new, or even people that we try very hard to get along with, are tricky tricky! keep up the reflection. it's inspiring to hear your thoughts. :)

Megan Marie said...


and i'm reading your thoughts. in words. not hearing your thoughts. whatever way i type it, i sound crazy, so there you go.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Ohh I love those sunglasses soooooo flippin' cute!