yet another draw (italy v paraguay)

ben and i met up yesterday to watch the second half of the italy/paraguay game.

italy is my favorite team. (surprise, surprise)

and italy and paraguay tied. which is fine... but the usa & england also tied on saturday so i am kind of over the draws (ties).

still, it was really fun to meet up with ben like a little secret date to espn zone. hehe.

*photos taken with hipstamatic app for the iphone.


shayna said...

My favorite dates are to the ESPN Zone. No rules there, just pure fun.

kELLO! said...

i'm afriad we can't be friends any longer. roed and i are big haters of italy. but that's ok- i still like you :) he grew up in africa, so i'm instructed to cheer for only african teams. :) haha but we love the dutch, too :)

Linds said...

i'm not a fan of draws either. i love your iphone apps. they are super neat.