with linny, randy & donovan [part 2]

ben and baby donovan become friends
lin & randy own a vw van that has the best paint job i've ever seen
aggie ice cream is in fact better than byu creamery ice cream
mmmm aggie blue mint
the cutest human burrito you've ever seen.
we did some fireworks... some were louder than others :)
mirror lake (in the utah uinta mountains)
provo river falls.

thank you again, linny and randy. we really LOVED spending some "alone" time with you and seeing where you spend your lives.
love you miss you.

em & ben


logan, utah and that time we met baby donovan [part 1]

green canyonwith lindsay, randy (and baby donovan, hiding)
the logan, lds templelunch at cafe rio
cache valley cheese. best butter sign ever. we do love dairy.
and not to mention baby donovan.

still to come:
aggie ice cream
the cabin of linny and randy
more baby donovan.


ate that frozen wedding cake, over a year late

you know that one tradition where you freeze part of your wedding cake and then you eat it on your first anniversary? well it's a little awkward when you leave it in utah and move across the country---
and then the only times we've been back to utah, has been the holidays where we stuff ourselves with sweets and food the entire time. so we finally got around to eating our wedding cake from over two years ago. gross? no. actually it totally rocked.

christina at bakers of normandie in salt lake city is a genius.


utah pioneer day + family & friends

utah pioneer day is july 24th. we were glad we got to spend it in utah!!ben with auntie annie. also, it was our nephew zach's bday and one of the shirts we gave him was a lightning mcqueen shirt. you can see he's imitating l.m. in the photo.
lovely long time friends shevaun and sienna (and baby boaz)
boaz, tony and jeffy
boaz and baby atticus
1/ jeffy trying to create an awesomely awkward photo with ben and i
2/ katie and zach
3/ our pioneer day cake
4/ cute little elle
1/ us with jude, eliza and baby atticus
2/ with baby boaz, sienna and tony
3/ with jake, shevaun and elle
4/ with kevin and anna
and on sunday:
1/ with garret and [emily] bybee
2/ with vivian

we were super excited we got to see our most favorite people!! it's one of the best things is to sit around--- eat with and chat with family and friends. we love our utah comfort bubble and how it is so consistant.

thanks all for coming and for being great peeps. we are pretty darn lucky to have you in our lives.


hobble creek canyon

we ventured up to hobble creek canyon with dave and linda (ben's parents) on saturday afternoon. i hadn't even been up there. it's extremely beautiful, the views are incredible.

i think i was feeling weak at the altitude (since dc is basically at sea level) and it made me a little sad since this use to be the norm for me.
i do love the utah mountains and i long for them. i appreciate them much more now than when i lived here. that's just how it goes, right?

anyway, it was really nice. and i'm glad we got to see this lovely area. on a perfect utah summer day.


on the road again


we're not actually on the road.

we will be on a plane tonight. to utah. we will see utah in summer for the first time since 2007. we are really excited.
then off to idaho.

i love having the mountainous west as our home-age get away. i feel so lucky.

and happy

it's the weekend.


i hate goodbyes.

our dear rose and jordan are leaving us. they are leaving us for the desert where humidity doesn't even exist.
BUT we are super happy for them because jordan got a rockin' job. we hope this is just a "see you later" and not actually, goodbye.

love you guys. be safe. blog more often. eat cheese.


screen on the [rainy] green

caroline, me, kayla

screen on the green has been going on in dc for some years now. every monday (only 4 mondays this year) there is a movie played on a big screen on the national mall. on monday, i met up with lovely friends caroline and kayla to watch the '70s flick, the goodbye girl.
caroline and i arrived a little early, were chatting and all of a sudden it started to pour. we took shelter under our umbrellas and some large trees. luckily by the time kayla arrived, before the movie began--- the rain had stopped.

and the movie was better than we expected. we were a little confused about the plot--- and then someone announced that somehow the movie was out of sequence. the scenes were out of order. so we just left and got a frozen treat instead (although i am still curious how the movie ends).

thanks ladies. it was a great adventure!


charlottesville, va and the little mountain

charlottesville--- the university of virginiamonitcello (little mountain in italian)who knew thomas jeffereson (the united states' third president) was a closet architect? he completely designed the university of virginia in charlottesville virginia as well as his home, monticello.
although the monticello tour is spendy (and far from dc...) it is worth it. it's fascinating to learn inside facts about the peeps who got together and started the united states of america.

i also love going on tours with ben because he usually knows just as much or more than the tour guides so i feel like i get the behind-the-scenes tour. how do you keep on that information in your brain, ben? you're impressive.


just west of the middle of nowhere, virginia

we stopped in washington, virginia (the first washington of them all). we hope to spend a day or two at the inn at little washington--- perhaps next year when i have graduated from grad school.
we camped at shenandoah national park (home of the blue ridge mountains)--- much like last year, except this time it was better. life just gets better, right?
we roasted hot dogs over the fire for dinner. so delicious. i'm glad i held out and didn't give in to getting a hot dog stand hot dog.
this is why we don't let any old person take our photo... the guy started moving the camera before the photo was done being taken.
all in all, it was a great time. we love being outdoors and being a little secluded every once in a while. we do hope for the days when we can camp more than just the weekend--- but then again it is nice to sleep in our own bed too.