the birthday celebration of ben

all ben wanted was his own pitcher of diet coke. ha. not really. this was at red, hot and blue, a bbq restaurant started in arlington, va.
we hit up nats stadium. because ben LOVES baseball.
we got to see strasburg pitch. he is like wicked awesome at pitching.
we love to root root for our home team. the nationals won 8-1 friday night. it was like a dream come true (and doesn't happen very often).
ben got special birthday fireworks (and there just so happens to be fireworks every friday at nats stadium).
the bday ended with delicious birthday cake. and maybe a few trick candles.

thanks for letting us celebrate you ben. you're the funn-est.


Rose Red said...

Wow, fireworks just for Ben! He really is special :)

I'm glad you two had a great birthday weekend.

shayna said...

You always leave room for a few tricks.

our little love nest said...

The fireworks are awesome and I love the Nationals sign...so cool! Lucky boy! xo

laden backpack said...

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ahlin said...

happy birthday to ben!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

awww the cake is super cute

Amanda said...

What a great birthday for your mr! I love how "male-centered" it was--my husband would love the baseball game.