charlottesville, va and the little mountain

charlottesville--- the university of virginiamonitcello (little mountain in italian)who knew thomas jeffereson (the united states' third president) was a closet architect? he completely designed the university of virginia in charlottesville virginia as well as his home, monticello.
although the monticello tour is spendy (and far from dc...) it is worth it. it's fascinating to learn inside facts about the peeps who got together and started the united states of america.

i also love going on tours with ben because he usually knows just as much or more than the tour guides so i feel like i get the behind-the-scenes tour. how do you keep on that information in your brain, ben? you're impressive.


kELLO! said...

haha i love that picture of ben with the statue! history is so fascinating! :)

Anonymous said...

i just love the architecture back east. i think the stucco houses of suburbia california has jaded me for life. ;D

our little love nest said...

Awesome little bit of information!! Great photos!

Peggy said...

Ben, you are impressive-- and you're taller than Jefferson too.
These founding fathers were real renaissance men. Architects, writers,leaders, and spiritually tall as well.
I love your blog and getting to travel vicariously!

laden backpack said...

this is amazing stuff. I have always
loved Jefferson. I remember feeling of his great spirit when we visited the Jefferson Memorial in DC years ago. As I read what he had written I realized his greatness and wisdom. It took men of this stature to conceive ideas that would last through the sands of time. great blog paul p.

ahlin said...

i went there about 5 years ago and i thought it was so amazing. and now whenever you look at a nickle you can say you've been there! :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

oh the polaroid is great!