philadelphia is phull of phun

on saturday, july 3, we took the megabus to philadephia. it was nice to be in yet another patriotic place for the fourth of july weekend. we did as much as we could in twelve hours (and then by the end we were so super exhausted).ben of course really loves mr benjamin franklin and sports his glasses well.
did you know mother's day was started in philly? anne jarvis (the founder) wanted mother's day to honor motherhood in a time of rising feminism. i really liked learning this :)
sitting in benjamin franklin's pew at christ's church.
independence hall.
so. funny story. this was my first time to philly and ben's only other time was when he was about 5. when he visited independence hall he asked the tour guide,
"where's benjamin franklin?"
the tour guide pointed to his chair and told him that's where he would have sit.
ben persisted, "but where's benjamin franklin?!!"
ben's parents then realized ben thought benjamin franklin was still alive and well. i supposed he's gotten over it by now.one of my favorite places we visited. elfreth's alley. and we saw the rocky statue at the philadephia museum of art. even though it was nice to get around by train and trolley... septa helped us appreciate the dc metro much much more. the dc metro is so super clean!! and more reliable...

it was a very phull and lovely day. we also tried pat's and geno's the two "best" philly cheesesteak places, supposedly. maybe we were tired or it was the hype (or both) but neither one was super awesome for us. still, it was phun to try.


Little Miss Tiara said...

Oh! That looks like a really fun day! I envy you! How come you're touring here there and everywhere everyday? I love your adventure! I wish I'll be able to do more adventure like you soon, hahaha :P

communikate. said...

fun! i loved philly too.

i did however notice how dirty it was! we saw a bum take a piss on the street right in front of a cop and then full on deny it. hilarious.

oh, and i was we could be travel buddies. you guys know how to do it right!

our little love nest said...

We need to visit Philly one day! Awesome photos! xo

shayna said...

You're phunny and phrilly and phreakin' awesome.

Rose Red said...

How fun! I am so very jealous. I dream of visiting all of those historical places.

Bridget said...

i'm from area! just over the bridge in nj -- but i worked in philly next to liberty place for a couple years. glad you saw my old stomping grounds!

Carlene said...

Lovely glasses! :) Super cute guys!