utah pioneer day + family & friends

utah pioneer day is july 24th. we were glad we got to spend it in utah!!ben with auntie annie. also, it was our nephew zach's bday and one of the shirts we gave him was a lightning mcqueen shirt. you can see he's imitating l.m. in the photo.
lovely long time friends shevaun and sienna (and baby boaz)
boaz, tony and jeffy
boaz and baby atticus
1/ jeffy trying to create an awesomely awkward photo with ben and i
2/ katie and zach
3/ our pioneer day cake
4/ cute little elle
1/ us with jude, eliza and baby atticus
2/ with baby boaz, sienna and tony
3/ with jake, shevaun and elle
4/ with kevin and anna
and on sunday:
1/ with garret and [emily] bybee
2/ with vivian

we were super excited we got to see our most favorite people!! it's one of the best things is to sit around--- eat with and chat with family and friends. we love our utah comfort bubble and how it is so consistant.

thanks all for coming and for being great peeps. we are pretty darn lucky to have you in our lives.


Mandy said...

Love all the names in your family! Boaz and Atticus? So cute. And love the pics too.

Em & Gar said...

I look like death. BARFFFFFFF. but i'm happy to be in your post. :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Looks like fun Love!

sienna said...

i like that pics of Bo with the snotty nose. it was so awesome to see you! thanks for always taking pictures since i can't seem to remember to take my camera anywhere!

shayna said...

How does one, such as yourself, take a consistently good picture? Teach me to be you.