hidden dc islands

on saturday, ben and i made it over to heritage and kingman islands. these little islands (that are on the anacostia river in the district) are a little overlooked.
maybe dc should give them a little more attention? :)

but for me, it's really nice to find a quiet spot in the city that makes you feel like you're in the country for a minute. and then i can go back to the city the second i want.

heritage and kingman are good for walking for seem great for biking. glad we went to check these out. it's nice knowing what's in your city and your neighborhood.


i am holding my breath...

...waiting for school to start
...trying to figure out what is really going to happen with my job
...for sweater weather
...for boot weather

...for finding those black boots (that i still haven't found)
...for us going to visit sister shayna and bro-in-law eric in a week
...waiting for people to come visit us :)
...for the weekend
...for the next moment i get to be with ben...

*photo taken near the lovely cabin


women's equality day

this post is better late than never.

it's women's equality day. 90 years ago today- women in the united states were given the right to vote.

and i hope
that's something
all united states women

can be
proud of.


*photo is from sister time a couple christmas' ago. just wanted to share a photo of women i love.


road side produce in delaware

"it's our business doing pleasure with you"
on our way back from camping near the beach with the ponies, ben and i stopped at a produce stand in delaware.

of course we picked the one called, naked farmers produce--- we didn't actually plan that, we just picked one of about a hundred. the farmer guy there was awesome and sold us some incredibly delicious asian pears and juicy peaches for a very good price.

mostly i just loved meeting the farmer guy, with no shirt on, a few teeth missing and a perma-tan. i felt like i got a little slice of delaware culture from meeting him.


exercise is good for you: especially tennis

ever since the sunshine and spring came out this year, ben and i have been pretty good about exercising regularly. jogging is great and all, but my favorite exercise has been the evenings we go play tennis.

the tennis courts we go to are kind of hidden and rarely have we had to share the court.

the view of the anacostia river is great.

and for some reason even though we go in the summer evenings when it's still 90 degrees outside, it's the best workout in the world.

the kind where you get super sweaty and
feel good
and feel like
you've actually accomplished

while all the while, we are getting slightly better at tennis. slowly.

what kind of exercise do you like?


camping by the ocean & the ponies

we camped at assateague island national seashore in maryland over the weekend. assateague is famous for its "ponies" that live on and roam freely about the island. aside from being afraid that horses would join us in our tent and the influx of mosquitos, it was a great place to camp--- a place we want to come back to in the fall or spring. ponies on the beach friday night.
some people were fishing on the beach and accidentally caught a sand shark. whoopsie.
late night beach walk
our friend the deer grazing near our campsite
the horse with the emo haircut
on the lovely beach right near our campsite
it was my first time swimming in the atlantic ocean... and ben's first time in a long time.

i kind of wish we could have stayed at the beach longer but there are always things that need to be done and food to be eaten. i'm really happy we went and it's definitely a place i want to go back to.

post edit: 2:43 pm... i lied. i have swam in the atlantic. in florida, when i was a youngin'. sorry.


helicopters make for a windy day

because of our great friend danny, we were able to watch marine one leave the white house (with the president in the helicopter) yesterday over lunch. such a fun cultural experience. it's funny how the press gets in a frenzy just to see president obama leave in a helicopter.
i love watching it all happen.

it was a hot, hot day until the helicopter arrived and took off. we were happy for the wind--- even though it nearly knocked me over, multiple times.
yeah, it was windy. waiting
see? windy.
thanks lovely danny friend
welcome aboard marine one (on the steps)

welcome aboard marine one from emily blythe on Vimeo.

and of course: a little video. my new favorite thing to do.

music: "come fly with me" frank sinatra


montmartre: a little bit of france for lunch

you can tell a fancy place by its silverware.

let's just say: we don't eat out fancy too often, but when we do, we try to do it right.

this week is dc's restaurant week... which brings prix fix menus and three course meals that are much less expensive than usual.

so today for lunch was montmartre, a french place on the hill that i've (we've) been wanting to try for quite some time.
it was our little slice of france for lunch.

like i've said before... it was like a mini vacation in the middle of the day (and today i really needed it).


more of big houston (because everything is bigger in texas)

if you're ever in houston, try teotihuacan mexican restaurant. their mini burritos and enchiladas are extremely delicious. not to mention the salsa verde. i almost drank that stuff.
downtown houston
a blurry armadillo and some rocking chairs set out for people waiting to be picked up from the houston-hobby airport
em&ben at the houston lds temple.
the groomsmen with the groom
waiting for our lunch
the cute newest marrieds, celeste and brandon
brandon + ben = buddies
the groom's cake (a tradition in texas)
the groom, bride and groomsmen cutting the cake together (not a tradition in texas)
all the groomsmen fed the cake to the groom
blowing bubbles at the send off

others tidbits about the weekend in houston:
everything really is bigger in texas
texas is really just like its own country
i love hearing people say, "y'all" and "fixin"
houston august heat is in fact much worse than dc august heat
it is possible to feel like you've known someone for a while even after just meeting them