dealing with the roller coaster

lately i've been feeling a little uneasy with things... mostly because the fate of my full-time job is sort of up in the air. well. the fate of the company i work for is even more uncertain and this whole thing throws off my balance. my company is in the finishing stages of being sold to a new owner. which is good and bad.


my job is in no way my dream job... i do feel a weird sense of attachment to it since it is my first "real" job.

it's just frustrating when things are out of my control. it's like being on a roller coaster (which i usually don't like)... you don't really know what is going to happen but you have to buckle in and wait for either a space mountain or a california screamin'
if you know what i mean.

all in all. things aren't that bad. there are still a lot of things that are for sure... like
i know i am starting school in a few weeks.
i have a place to live.
i have an amazing husband who has a job and so if i lost mine, i would be ok.

i am grateful for this job i have had these last (almost) two years. it's been a huge blessing in a variety of ways. thanks for that.


laden backpack said...

nothing about what we do is certain. one day the sunshine, the next day it rains but the sun still shines behind the clouds making it difficult for all to see except pilots who fly about the clouds and always have a different perspective on life. any good things come from this comment?

communikate. said...

i hate the "unknown" and yet it makes us stretch and learn and grow.. {trust me. i'm STILL learning this!}

good luck with the new school year!

shayna said...

This is where I'm supposed to step in with this amazing Sugar and Cheese idea? Right? Damn, why didn't you post this earlier?

our little love nest said...

Hoping life calms and gives you some peace. I hate uncertainty too but I really believe they draw us closer to God and knowing He really is in control of it all no matter what. :)
Big hugs!

Peggy said...

Follow your feelings. If you feel uneasy, it's time to get on your knees and then act on impressions.