exercise is good for you: especially tennis

ever since the sunshine and spring came out this year, ben and i have been pretty good about exercising regularly. jogging is great and all, but my favorite exercise has been the evenings we go play tennis.

the tennis courts we go to are kind of hidden and rarely have we had to share the court.

the view of the anacostia river is great.

and for some reason even though we go in the summer evenings when it's still 90 degrees outside, it's the best workout in the world.

the kind where you get super sweaty and
feel good
and feel like
you've actually accomplished

while all the while, we are getting slightly better at tennis. slowly.

what kind of exercise do you like?


our little love nest said...

we bike but lately Don and I have been talking about getting into tennis as well...love it! xo

laden backpack said...

I love the shot with the shoes and the tennis balls, the colors are great, especially Ben"s matching shoes. Must make him play tennis better...keep up the good work.

7upkels said...

i love tennis. it's the only sport i'm decent at - besides badmitton, which is basically the same thing...but
you've inspired me to start working out a little more intelligently!

Amanda said...

I love working out in a gym, but my husband really loves playing tennis. Maybe I'll have to join him one of these days...

kELLO! said...

look at your little outfits!!! so cute! :)
we are prepping for the chicago half marathon. yikes! it's in like two and half weeks. :/ my brother and sis-in-law are running with us. it should be fun :)
if we ever meet we need to play doubles!

shayna said...

You two look good with your heads cut off. Not everyone can say that.

Peggy said...

Yes, the headless shots are good and I can still tell who you are. the one in the yellow skirt is not Ben.

I still do my little jog out in the sunshine, but it's better when I jog without the sun shining. I have a problem getting up that early lately, though, but the shortening days are helping.

I must say, I always loved playing tennis and haven't for such along time.

Peggy said...

ooh, your eyes are glowing in the dark almost as bring as Ben racket. Better than your legs glowing in the dark, like mine.

Linds said...

i love sunshine. it makes all things better.

i love to dance. in my living room. trying to get van to laugh. he giggled at us for the first time yesterday---i'll bend over backwards for another laugh.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I loveeee tennis. We have 2 courts here and no one uses them so We're always playing. Its tons of fun and such a great workout

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

My boyfriend is addicted to tennis. He plays it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Maybe I should give it a try. =)

Megan Marie said...

love this. tennis is so very fun.