helicopters make for a windy day

because of our great friend danny, we were able to watch marine one leave the white house (with the president in the helicopter) yesterday over lunch. such a fun cultural experience. it's funny how the press gets in a frenzy just to see president obama leave in a helicopter.
i love watching it all happen.

it was a hot, hot day until the helicopter arrived and took off. we were happy for the wind--- even though it nearly knocked me over, multiple times.
yeah, it was windy. waiting
see? windy.
thanks lovely danny friend
welcome aboard marine one (on the steps)

welcome aboard marine one from emily blythe on Vimeo.

and of course: a little video. my new favorite thing to do.

music: "come fly with me" frank sinatra


Bridget said...

look at you guys with your press badges- so professional.

Cassandra said...

very cool!

shayna said...

So, he doesn't take a little backpack or a man purse or anything with him? I guess they have all his supplies on board.

Linds said...

i think your video is fantastic. i enjoy the trees dancing in the helicopter's wind. i also think that mr. president's salute is super cute.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Very cool pictures. Looks like you were so close

Receli said...

You look sooo official with your badges!

kELLO! said...

so. cool.