just a little bit about our city, washington dc

well. while in idaho i might have been pulled over while driving. just outside the tiny town of cascade. i was pulled over for speeding [and whether or not i was speeding is debatable] and it just so happened i didn't have my wallet which means i didn't have my license.

the reason for this important fact of forgetting my license is that the police officer that pulled me over had to get my full name, date of birth and state which my license is issued.

me: washington dc
police: a washington licence?
me: no, washington dc
police: oh, so is it a government license?
me: no, just washington dc

so then after waiting a while the police said he couldn't find me in his system and needed more info. he later came back to say washington dc doesn't list one's physicals on one's license. so he thought i was lying about who i am on top of thinking dc is a made up place.

the moral of this story is i think it's hilarious when people discount dc because it's not technically a state... but for all intensive purposes, washington dc does function as a state. not to mention, it is the united states' capital.

and well, i do love dc and that it's unique--- and all that...
but i think u.s. citizens should know their capital :)

*the image is a little art of dc and its flag i did a while back with the brushes app on my iphone

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